Gouken Safe Jump Help



Anyone have any tips on the timing for the safe jump off of a forward throw and sweep? It seems like no matter how I time it I still get hit. Any help is much appreciated, and if all you’re going to say is “this info is in another thread somewhere else if you’d just look” then don’t bother commenting. Thanks in advance for any help.


this info is in another thread somewhere else if you’d just look.



Yup…I figured someone would. Do you have any actual help for me like maybe a link, that’s a lot of stuff to look through.




well, some characters wake up earlier and later than others. I would suggest perhaps trying the throw dash f.jmp cmd dive kick. That lands a bit earlier, so if you are finding yourself coming in late, than that might be easier for you.

but remember, ultra is gonna have delayed wakeup after hard knockdown, so a lot of this is gonna change big time.

truth is, for most characters, i don’t even bother with a safe jump. I come in ambig over their head with a late dive kick and stuff the reversal instead.
There’s only a couple characters that you can’t do that to.


Thanks for the link that’s exactly what I was looking for.


I’ll keep this in mind, for the ambig dive kick you mentioned are you using the cmd dive kick?


no, it’s usually a mk or hk flip kick, with manual late timing on the kick.


he won’t know what to do with it for years, bet.