Gouken schooling Ryu and Ken in the SF5 tutorial


Capcom please stop playing games with my heart

If you’re a fan of gouken I’d call this good news, because it means capcom will continue to acknowledge gouken as a important part of the series’ continuity. Maybe we’ll see him playable again later down the line.

Or maybe Gouken is in just for tutorials purposes.
Anyway, i will let my hopes alive, for now.

Hey guys Gouken is * totally*in street fighter V /Cappa

Confirmed 2017 DLC?

I wouldn’t go that far, but this certainly isn’t a bad sign.

I really thought that after 4 there was a chance they would go back to pretending Gouken doesn’t exist again, so this is really encouraging.

Who did the artwork Raunwynn?

2nd thing is Gouken should e the only character to keep focus in addition to whatever knew shit they throw him while NOT TOUCHING GFLIP!

gouken is R.Mika’s friend status at most, stop dreaming guys lol

Anybody here looking at F.A.N.G? He’s giving me Gouken + Oro vibes, which if I can’t have either in V, this is possibly the closest we’ll get for the time being.

honestly? birdie seems closer.

Fang looks like a funny Pixar villain to me and it’s hilarious that he’s in SF5 and as second in command at Shadoloo… I think the game has a very interesting line-up so far and can’t wait for the final roster

Hey guys, long time no see.

I think that we Gouken players will benefit greatly from our Gouken knowledge in SF5.

Our patience and calculated movements, things that are REQUIRED to play the old man will play an important role in the new game, where ridiculous reversals, ridiculous combos and ridiculous vortexes have no place.

As for me, after a long time not playing I came back and realized that as much as love SF4, I don’t have the skill or the time to refine it when it comes to execution, and my SF4 game suffers greatly from this.

Not in SF5 though, at least during the beta, I was able to worry about taking the right decisions instead of messing up my links all the time. Such a relief. So in the new game I also will start anew, picking the basics and moving from there.

…Yes, I will probably main Ryu first.

I remember someone here( i do not know who exactly) said it, that the way you play SFV were similar to the way you play the Gouken .

But when I played the beta I felt the same thing:

  • We cant link into fierce jab combos
  • Try zoning is completely irrelevant
  • You cant use a Reversal without the fear of being punished with a combo that makes a super damage ( in SFIV , Reversal Tatsu blocked = FA3 + Ultra, in SFV , DP = blocked Crush Counter + CA)
  • Everyone can do huge damage

The only difference is that now everyone plays more or less like Gouken , they will feel what we suffer in these years of SFIV , only without the experience we already have : P

Fuck the experience… It’s more like trauma.

I for one think that this trauma will be useful at last! I feel like I have a slight advantage in SFV because I don’t share many of the SFIV habits, like focus attacks, mashing, long links starting with light confirms.

Playing Gouken meant being precise and trusting your reads.

To me that’s real Street Fighter.

lool a gouken player who doesn’t use focus attacks? please.

Gouken has light confirms off of jab into ex tatsu, I’ve dropped it on stream every time but he has them. I don’t see them adding Gouken for awhile if ever, Ryu has a parry (different than kongo but still) and denjin, plus Capcom hates fireballs confirmed.

Jab Jab confirm into tatsu is a 1-frame link. We have a light confirm, but it is so unreliable that it looks like we dont have it.

I still want to believe.