Gouken sprite

just made this sprite hope you like it

not bad… but

-transparent it.
-gif or png the file. don’t make it into a jpeg cus it
blurs the sprite
-did you just start spriting?

but ok job tho

yes its my first sprite but i used PAINT SHOP PRO 8 and couldnt save it as a gif. so i used jpeg

huh… u can save it as gif or png

iam not trying to bash you just giving you some pointers :o

need help for paint shop pro 8 want to make my gifs background transparent help anyone:(

i would explain it but iam not the best teacher so i found this tutorial
psp7 and psp8 are almost the same so you shouldn’t have any probs with it

transparent tutorial

here’s more pics that im making sh*t this is taking forever…
thanks man i think i got it now

can anyone please help make an avatar with this pics of gouken
i want a tv screen look with a capcom or svc logo


here’s another pic i did of gouken (not finished with it) …