Gouken Tech/EX Counter Option Select



Hey all, a friend of mine recently told me it was discovered that Gouken has an option select for tech throw and EX counter. Now, this sounds like an amazing option, and even he who has basically shit on Gouken since he came out said that this could really shoot him up the tiers. Gouken’s main problem imo, and I’m sure some will agree with me is that he is free on wakeup. This option select would beat pretty much anything except for a raw armor breaking move.

I haven’t seen it yet, I assumed something would be posted here, but I dunno. He’s a very good player and not the sort to make shit up but has anyone heard about this or can confirm it? I’m gonna dick around in the lab and see if I can come up with something like that, but let me know what you guys think.


Derp, nevermind I found it. Cheers phunksim; close this thread if yall like.


I don’t think this can up gouken by a substantial amount. Kongo is more risky than a regular crouch tech. Not pressing buttons can beat it easily, and a lot of characters actually have a raw armor breaking move. I also don’t see how this can help on wakeup. But if someone has more imagination than I do with the application of the tech, please do tell.

EDIT: well now that I think about it, it really chops the balls off the threat of frame traps. But it’s not end all.


Nothing’s end all, but I will take everything I can get. This is like a god-send against rush down characters like Ken, and getting dive kick characters off your ass for decent damage.


Ex tatsu to ex double Kongo…

…lol…when I get my stick I’m going no gate …or. Circle for sure still square but none and circle are fun too…maybe that’s how I broke my last one


Why would you want to do that??? LMAO


Idfk. Lol was just kidding


Oh… How about vs armor and non armor break moves


Honestly it fucking hard to do once let alone consistently eitherway its definitely great tech that all Goukens should try to learn


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<div class=“QuoteText”>Oh… How about vs armor and non armor break moves</div>
I think it just depends on the mu


I’m starting to teach my self to invert my os choices…or fully utilize input delay windows…!


unrestricted feels really really odd at first but could open sine doors for new os techs , and made iats easy