Gouken training partner (XBL)



Title says it, im looking for a gouken training partner. Im not looking to do mirrors so much, but actually looking for gouken players that also use other characters and feel they are slightly less or just as proficient with them as gouken. Reason being, my experience has been I am most effective against people who are unfamiliar with the gouken match-up and since they are unfamiliar with it, I get away with a lot of stuff, and I am able to trick them more often with mix-ups etc. However, when I play someone that is kind of familiar with gouken, things get a little more complicated. So, im looking for someone with a gouken background so we can play out match-ups to improve our overall play and push ourselves to the next level. So, if anyone is interested in playing reply here or send me a pm and we can get things going. The non gouken characters I play are abel and fei long. Hope to play some of you guys.


I can play you with Seth, but my Seth has fallen off a bit since I picked up Gouken.

name is to the left!

EDIT: just realized you are in cali, I have an awful time playing Seth in 3 bars or less but I’m willing to give it a try.


Yeah, I am working on my Ryu game. I main Gouken about 85% of the time but I am trying new people. I have played you before in championship mode I think. I am around a 30k gp Gouken



I have only recently begun using alt.characters, aftr recently acquiring a jstick. But overall when 4 came out I was kinda tired of ken n ryu…we’ll after 20 yrs…ya feel me. I will be looking forward to adding and being added by anyone else for this purpose as well.Great idea kel . Anyone going to sunnyvale later in the month?


add mrfeaturematch i play under this account for now until i get my harddrive replaced. i main gouken 99% of the time. i alt boxer, ryu used to play abel back in the day but hes rusty


Had some really fun games last night. If anyone else wants to add me to fight a Seth feel free. I need all the matchup experience I can get against other characters with my Gouken.


Hey KillaKelly, I haven’t been around due to the lack of free time and messing around in Tekken 6. I’ll probably be back on xbox live sometime next week and I would definitely like to play some games against you again. The two characters I use are Chun Li and Gouken.


I wouldn’t mind to do some of this, I play with every character but I main Gouken. It should be fun to play against a Gouken and me been different characters and viceversa. But I’m on PSN, so dunno if someone is interested.


maybe i can swing a copy of sf4 for ps3 and see what i can do. i havent even touched the playstation network yet


I don’t really play Gouken except a little just as a fun third character, but it’s enough to know the matchup so if you don’t mind playing a little lag I’d love to face you with my Sim/Fuerte.


cynk and randomcat ive been trying to catch either one of you online but have not been successful. what times are you guys usually on. Oh, and cat, ive been looking for that other tag you gave me not your normal one. Kaoz, and update on my ps3 situation. I should be getting one near the end of the month and a copy of sf4. so im looking forward to playing ya.


I use Gouken, a bit so I know alot of his tricks, I main Ken / ryu / Sagat so If you would like to train Im down. I can play most characters so I should be a help, Im in Canada Im on alot. LMK whats up. You can send me a FR on live if you would like.


ill hit you up next time i get a chance.


I’m usually on around 9 but it varies. Can I just shoot you a friend request so I know if you’re on?


sure be my guest, i cant remember off hand right now if my list is full or not. but if it is ill make room


well for now i play on MRFEATUREMATCH add that on xbl
im usually on at nights…just pm me that morn/afternoon if you wanna play. ill make sure to set time aside to make it happen…got kids/school/work etc…


I’m also looking for someone to help me get my gouken to master status. I’m a decent gouken ive beaten some high ranked guys and lost to some lowerones but cant figure out where I keep messing up at. Also i like someone to help me the demon mixups advance combos with the deon flip


I main Abel and Gouken add me if you want


awesome you play abel. i have such a hard time against him with gouken. I need the practice bad. Ill be hitting you up soon. Im looking forward to your games.


Co0, just hit me up whenever, I’m on randomly during the week.