Gouken trial 24

Is driving me completely nuts. Hey, im pretty new here and I was hoping some of you other gouken users could hopefully help me out. The focus attack in this combo just seems broken, I’ve attempted it over 60+times and I’ve only succesfully crumpled the training dummy twice. I just can’t seem to get the right timing and want to know if there are any tips that will make my last challenge easier. I jump in with HK hitting the feet, HP, LP gohadouken and go into it immediately and either have him just absob the attack or block it .5 seconds later.

Here’s a vid. I found of trial 24. [media=youtube]tKMu12R0AkM[/media]

Everyone’s execution methods are different, but thanks to a tip from Raun, i always hold down Hard Punch and then press the follow up with an alternate button, in this case lp. This way it prevents the game engine to confuse the inputs with something else.

If you are holding forward after your lp hado, keep holding forward and then do your focus then press forward once more while still holding the focus attack and gouken will dash out rather quickly with an efficient input, once you get this down it will be easy as pie.

Here’s a thread a did a while back, that highlighted the technique. http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=225770

Hope this helps…

BTW, have you completed trial 22… that’s the hardest one of them all.

Yes sir. number 24 is all i need. This is going to sound dumb…but how do the levels work as far as a focus goes. Im not the most knowledgable SF player I just <3 it.

level 1- standard he doesn’t flash
level 2- you will see Gouken flash white- this has a +6 frame advantage if it’s blocked and it also crumples on counter hit
level 3- unblockable, this one will auto release

how in the hell did you complete 22 but not 24??? LMFAO.

I…don’t know lol.

You’re not supposed to crumple the dummy.

If you pay attention to the instructions of what they’re asking you for, it’s saying Focus CANCEL, not ATTACK. In other words, FADC (dash forward, not back :wgrin: ) the fireball toss, hit the c.hp, finish up the combo.

In other words:

Demon Flip > Dive Kick > standing :hp: > :qcf: :lp: > :mp: + :mk: > :r::r: > crouching :hp: > EX launch > Denjin

Btw, the timing of the c.hp after the fadc is a one-frame link, so I hope your execution is up to snuff.

I’m having the same problem on this one and it’s my last trail left. My biggest problem is understanding the timing from the FADC xx into dash into the crouching HP, probably cuz im mashing the dash and get the crouching HP wrong.

I basically completed it three times yesterday, first time I miss the Denjin after the EX Pam

Second time I threw a MP gohado after the ex palm to help with my timing, then threw the Denjin and still missed

Third time I wasn’t expecting the ex palm to come out and missed it again :frowning:


Well, I completed it about 2 hours ago. The tip you gave me for the focus cancel dash really helped out. And as far as crumpling goes, Ive seen a video of it working and even had two successful shots myself at it, but the timing is just too strict.

The crumpling, LOL… I don’t see the point in it, but it’s fun to try in training mode. I will never do it in a match, I don’t think.

The clean fadc dash out makes all of the difference.

Woo hoo I did it last night finally. Did it on my second try and come to think of it it’s pretty damn easy now, I finally got the timing of the FADC xx d+hp!

I guess mashing doesn’t always help lol.

22 is easier than 24 is for me as well.