Gouken Trial L10

Hi all,
I think I do something wrong with my input:sad:
This is the trial FA , s.HP, Senkugoshoha and Forb.SRK.
I can do FA, s.Hp (part 1), i can do s. HP, Senkugoshoha and Forb.SRK (part2)

The only problem is I cannot get it linked after the FA. I really feel stupid but if any anyone has an advice, I will appreciate it!

are you dashing forward after the focus attack?

Thx for your reply, no I don’t dash forward.

the dash forward is key in connecting combos after focus attack. the moment you hit them with the focus attack, press forward twice to dash forward (backwards works too). the dashing will decrease your recovery time, and allow you to connect the combo.

I’ll try that Makro! Thanks for your reply.

actually i changed my reply a little bit from your quote. i don’t remember if FADC means exactly the same thing in this situation. people use FADC in middle of combos. ryu’s srk > FADC > ultra 1 is the best example of what a real FADC is. in ryu’s combo, the focus attack doesn’t even come out.

in this situation, i’m not sure if what you’re doing really qualifies as a FADC because your focus attack needs to hit the opponent, either level 2 or level 3 FA. in the end, it doesn’t matter though, i might just be using the wrong terms, but the way to execute this combo is still correct.

focus attack (hit the opponent) > dash forward immediately after FA hits > s.hp > senku > super

good luck!

It worked!!! lalala!!