Gouken Videos

Got together with one of the Pretzel at my arcade, Hawaiian Brian’s and got to Gouken on our third try.

[media=youtube]-4NwY_AyJXI"[/media] of the 3 rounds and what I think are some pretty interesting moves from SF:IV’s newest character.

I’m sure he’ll be playable, he’s not broken like Seth.

Awesome video, thanks. Feel free to get some more :slight_smile:

he’s like…BIG. o_O’

horizontal air hurricane kick?
vertical hurricane kicks?

he has ryu’s old moves…?

wait…EX Gouki-esque demon flip throw?
dash-punch that goes through fireballs?
EX double fireball? one angling diagonally-up?

looks pretty deep

with your permission i’d like to put this in the gameplay thread.

I wonder what his Ultra is…or was it the Shin Shoryuken?

His ultra is the shin shoryu


what the fuck happens at 0:42? air FA?

that or a mid air throw tech?

Maybe his demon flip has armour… Couldn’t really tell…

Nice vid, so far Gouken looks different from the other shoto’s, ex 45 degree fireball followed by a one handed one… :tup:

sometimes it looked like he was doing a parry or a counter move like Karin’s.

Other than that, Im glad that they finally put this dood in after all the damn April Fools jokes.

Now, where Mah Mavel vs Capcom 3, hoe?!

Make it work!

I’d play that.

Sure no problem, I know the video has some intresting information about gouken.

Very interesting, build meter ex fireball ftw. Seriously this guy is gonna be crazy.

That was a wtf moment right off the bat. :xeye:

Anyways, atm I’m wondering what his main weakness is supposed to be. I’m guessing it’s speed and/or recovery.

Btw, did anyone notice he never shoryuken’d the whole time?

^He doesn’t have a normal SRK move…

Only his super/ultra.

This thread is called Gouken videos, yet there is only one video so far.

and the old Abel one, just to get everything in one place

OMG finally the ultuimate Gouken has been revealed by capcom.I’m playing street fighter since the first one.And capcom made one my dream come true.He looks so powerful and wise!The true master of hadoken it’s him!!!Thanks Capcom!

-youtube quotes always make me think of kids with helmets on.