Gouken Videos

wow very cool videos

Seeing how his NORMALS beat Ken’s cross-ups, I don’t think he really needs one. :looney:

I don’t think he has a Shoryuken… (besides his super and ultra)

Oh wow, Gouken!? @_@

About godamn time he made his debut!

Damn, that is a man who has eaten a lot of beef.

I found my new main for this game.

In that first vid, early in the match, were those basically his “alpha counters”? Cuz that was just silly.

Hell, all in all the man is silly. I won’t main him, but I’m gonna learn him.

He has Gouki’s overhead! lol


I uploaded a pretty long vid of Ken going against Gouken and a second Ken. Courtesy of the sf2ce stream.

Is there a video showing his super; the Kinjite Shoryuken?

Gouki vs. Gouken


Here’s another video for y’all. It’s Gouki against Ryu, Seth, and finally Gouken. A pretty good video, actually. The CPU suckage doesn’t detract too much from the fight.

Wow, that was actually pretty cool!! That Shin Shoryuken has got to be the most painful looking Ultra in the game…

That anti-air hadouken,will be a headache xD

More painful than getting stomped on by a woman in her high school uniform?:wgrin:

Kinjite Shoryuken is just a multi-hitting Shoryuken :confused:

What were you expecting? The super and ultra a character hs resembles each other and Gouken’s super had to resemble Shin Shoryuken which is his ultra.

I was kinda hoping it’d be like Toki’s uppercut super for some reason actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, yeah it could at least be electric enchanted but oh well…

I think it resembles a mix between Ryu mestu shoryuken and Ken’s mulit hit dragon punch with a touch of SFA2 Sagat’s tiger uppercut. it starts like Ryu’s mestu shoryuken, looks like Ken’s mulit hit shoryuken and hits like Sagat’s SFA2 and 3 tiger uppercut. so i really don’t see the resemble between his ultra and super at all. visually their completely diffrent.

visually the Shin Shoryuken looks stronger it’s 3 well place hits , instend of just bunch of rapid hits. Kinjite Shoryuken could have just been a special. It probely hits around 8 hits max .

edit: Both his Ultra and Super have wind effects, the white grayest stuff in both moves is actually a bust of wind. the fact that the his ultra makes a huge wind trail when it’s block proves this.

…the Kinjite Shoryuken just looks like what happens if Ryu doesn’t do the full Shin Shoryuken in SF3.

After hearing from someone about the storyline reason for Gouken not having a normal Shoryuken, I was expecting the super to be just a normal one, so this is actually a nice surprise to me. While it’s somewhat boring, it still seems really satisfying when you connect with it.