Gouken vs. Bison / Dictator



It sure is. I guess I will keep maining the Old Man… but boy these changes had me upset for a bit!


please dont play “i have a secret hah hah hah” on the gouken boards.


Sorry dad…my only claim to fame is my unortho play style and mixup expertise…he speaks from countless heads up games that’s all. ADD ME AND GET AT ME!!!


Raun, I swear to you there aren’t any “secrets” or anything being with held regarding what you can / can’t do with Gouken. I’ve played Takin Flight I dunno… a million times or so, and I can already see how the match was played in my head. Many of the same mix up pressure tactics that work on Gouken’s wake up applies to Bison as well, so I can see how he would have frustrated the shit out of his opponent given he had the opportunity to do so.

Honestly the only Bisons I ever have trouble with are the ones who keep doing the scissor loop, mixing it up with grab and I can’t find a way out. It’s always poke > hit confirm / block string > scissor loop And since Gouken has a shitty jab on Vanilla, you couldn’t do anything about it really but try to Kongo, neutral jump, Focus Absorb and Dash out, or keep blocking and pray that they stop. I haven’t checked the Bison boards but hopefully they added a few recovery frames to his lk scissor so the loop is a bit tougher, and if they’ve gave Gouken a 3 frame jab then we can attack back and/or push him back out.

Am I missing something or is there another way to Escape his loop?.. I tried EX Demon (Gouken Flip) and that seems to work every now and then, but there is no real answer that I’ve found in Vanilla. This match up is pretty much boils down to whoever can get on the offensive and stay on the offensive IMO.


as far as i know, it is just tough.
he has a ton of pressure, but no serious damage.
he also has questionable reversals, so when you get on the offensive, keep your pressure up and poke the crap out of him.


If he doesn’t have a charge, st. hk from max range works pretty good to catch him while he is stepping in, using cr. lk to tick at him and occasionally mixing it up with a hado or demon works pretty well too. I get a little risky every now and then and dash towards him and use cr. mp ~ hado. and if the cr. mp doesn’t hit the hado doesn’t come out, but if it does he has no choice to block or to be punished. If he teleports you have an opportunity to palm him, grab, or sweep him depending on where he teleports.

On my safe jumps, I use lp hado as my option select just in case he teleports, then I frame trap him from there… he’s easy to hit, but if you are being hit by him he’s hard to stop. :frowning:


You have to let him walk towards you or bait him into oh say, f dash, st.rh so he loses the charge but in turn he gains great reach with that kick


Not to mention his new ultra is now executed by a motion instead of charging, we will have to treat it like Abels Ultra.


So he has a charge ultra and what now? A double fb motion ultra?


No charge baby. Gouken’s free.

edit: I’m just kidding. There’s no invincibility on Bison uc2. You can still hit it with diagonal balls if he decides to use it to punish fireball recovery.


I thought Bison’s new ultra has at least projectile invulnerability? Andre said it passes through Akuma’s air fireballs.


Does Kongo work against Bison’s U2???


Probably not. Pretty sure U2 is armor breaking.


If not we should be able to jab him out of it …lol!!!