Gouken vs Blanka. Help me!

I ran into a really aggressive player online
With Blanka, he just kept doing the forward rolling dive attack… over and over
I really didn’t know how to handle that situation

If blocked, Blanka bounces some distance back, so I can’t even punish
If jumped over, he does it again
It’s also armor breaking, so counter and FA are useless


Then, he chooses Zangief and spams lariat, mixing it up every so often with grabs and green fist.

I wanna blame Gouken’s crappy wakeup options, but I think I’m just that bad with Gouken.

There must be a solution to this.

check the consolidated match-ups thread

Those are among his worst matchups.

Some random tips:

You can reversal jab palm strike if you block the Blanka ball while standing. If he does an EX blanka ball from full screen then he’s asking for an ultra or EX tatsu.

For Gief, if you’re fireballing while he has meter, stay away from his EX green hand range and make use of mp hadoken. If you can get him to lariat from far away, a properly distanced demon flip slide will catch him (or if you have good reactions, timing a demon flip grab to land on him right as he recovers before he can mash out anything else.)

If he applies wakeup pressure after a hard knockdown and meaties you with a lariat, you can kongo in between its hits.

There’s no easy way of dealing with those two. You have to outsmart them.

Some more for the Blanka: c.LP and s.HP make short work of Ball spam. c.LK can knock him out of it too and well LP Hadou stops anything but EX(but beware slides).

Vs Spammy Giefs, s.MK is my personal favourite, just watch out for ex Greenhand.

All above are just simple handholds to keep them honest, as mentioned check the matchup threads for more detail on fighting better players.

Wow, a lot of useful tips
Thanks a bunch, Goathead and Souchan!

I also checked out the consolidated matchup thread. Don’t know why I didn’t think to look at it in the first place

Editors note: something I’ve noticed more and more recently vs blank and dic is that spacing spacing spacing is the key. What I’m reffering to is when you matchup w blank we usually let blanka decide when he wants to cross up or jump or pressure…when we feel good enough we all try to press on him but he’s fast and his jump is crazy fast…the time any gouken spends on offense compared to blanka or dic are way different. What I say is as much as possible try to change the distance at which you allow yourself to be engaged…if he takes two steps forward take 5 back and then two forward or something . e.g. If you notice certain distances a player like to volley between say slide punch or ball or whatever take it away from them. This latest realization is helping me out in a MONDO fashion…!