Gouken vs. Oni Q+A and Opinions

Didn’t even bother to include Evil Ryu, since he’s basically an Akuma clone. zzzzzz. (That mofo dishes out DAMAGE though)

How do you guys feel about the new Oni addition to SSF4AE and how do you think he stacks up to Gouken thus far and are any of you considering switching from Gouken to Oni if he’s not banned for some reason?

his dash punch thingy crosses up & combos into ultra…plus he’s got a shoryuken, of course he’s better than Gouken
switch?? probably not, i don’t currently play any shotos cause they bore me

Comparison from so far observed

+Airdash and overall better mobility
+Faster crossuppalm, but safe on block?
+Strong ground fireballs
+Can combo into ultra easily it seems
-Demonflip with only palm option? Still fast though
-less than average health
-low damage output
-no air or angeld fireballs except ultra
-fireballs do not reach fullscreen unless ex ala dhalsim

People tend to only remember/pay attention to the good, so those are some of the points that stand out the most to me(and is no doubt far from complete. So far people are considering both of them to be pretty balanced once they get past the dazzle. It’ll be interesting to learn the full extent of the characters eventually :slight_smile:

Here are some other notes. EXCLUSIVE: Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu Media, Move Sets &Impressions - iPLAYWINNER - FIGHTING GAME NEWS STRATEGY & MEDIA

Not being able to tatsu > sweep/dp is a bit disappointing, but I saw another vid where he can cross up palm and dp. So I’m assuming that he can sweep you after that as well.

I like how ONI plays and looks. I just found my second main now with Gouken as main. Capcom needs to announce the DLC release date. I hope they have some nice alt costumes as well. Wonder if there is a green skinned ONI color. ONi’s air demon and dash should make for interesting tricks.

was planning on maining Yun, but Oni has got me interested. He seems much more offensive than gouken is.

Yeah I kinda like how he plays. I might just pick up Oni as a second (have just been rolling with the old man).

ye he has thats gouken like presence.

He reminds me of those statues in the temple stage

Won’t be switching.

His dash punch was getting stuffed cold on the first day which means it is slow enough to react to.

Dan fireballs.

Demon flip unsafe on block.

No one has mentioned invincibility on his srk and it is a weird three hit thing…

I’m not sure how these guys step up their game to the next level and manage to lose all their good shit :wink:

Hi, I’m regular Akuma, and I can do this nasty ass vortex. I trained so hard to get better that I forgot how to throw a full screen fireball, air fireballs (unless it is an Ultra), my dp got worse, and I can’t do a vortex, but I finally copied my bros rush punch and made it cross up. Hell I even have some worse normals as well now haha.

ill be pickin up oni and giving him a shot. as for switchin mains…doubt it ive put too much time into the g man.

Ok, you knew it was coming… here’s my rant.

Even though it’s way too early to tell and I haven’t played him yet. I’m not sure how I feel about all Oni Akuma yet, I’m waiting to have that “ah-ha” moment, and I just haven’t seen it yet.

Reipin touched on many of the same concerns I have so I won’t bother repeating that shit. But, it seems like they took elements from all the shoto’s to make him.

-Dan - Normal Fireball
-Ken- Kara Grab Oki
-Ryu- Tatsu properties (goes through most fireballs and no juggle follow ups)
-Akuma- Normal Attack Move Set minus super kick (standing far hard kick), Raging Demon (can use it in the air too, which is cool but risky), HCB Fireball
-Gouken- Palm attack (I’m not even sure if you can space it to be safe, like you can with Gouken b/c of the way it hits), similar speed, chargeable fireball, far standing hard kick, st. mk

Maybe a lot of untech knock down options would have made him too powerful.

If his Demon Flip is unsafe and only have 1 option, it better be hard as hell to avoid or it’s not more than the bull shit that Dudley Does, and I can’t tell you whens the last time I’ve even seen a Dudley try that shit in a match not unless it was for the win due to chip.

He has the air dash options- which are very cool, but it is really match up and situation dependent, AND you will get fucked up horribly for mis-using it due to the recovery drop. May be you can do it low to the ground and it has an overhead property or something, just guessing and trying to be creative here.

His Ultra 1 looks pretty beast and fairly easy to combo into which is good. I guess this is the same one he does in the air as well, I’m not sure about this so be easy on correcting me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

His Ultra 2 where he punches the ground, looks pretty beastly as well but it looks like it’s hard as hell to land and match up dependent (I can see Balrog getting tagged with it pretty easily or someone mis timing a jump in, the use is probably like Ken’s U1). I haven’t seen all the vid’s maybe you can FADC into it which is cool.

His cr. roundhouse is reportedly slow :frowning:

He does have some unique properties on his normals, I saw AA st. fp knock someone to the other side of the screen just like Kongo does, and st. cl. hk slams them to the ground if used as AA (no one stated if it’s tech-able or not).

Given all of these things somehow I still feel that he is missing something, the lack of un-tech set ups makes it seem like he will have a hard time controlling the pace of the match. I mean, you can still zone and throw fireballs, but most of the newer characters have ways around fireballs but their biggest weaknesses, imo were poor wake ups, so you’d want to exploit that. Unless you play his oki much like you’d use ken’s oki, it doesn’t look like he’s too adept at taking advantage of those things in a safe fashion.

But on the other hand, if they’d given him a vortex through multiple ways of knocking the opponent on their ass, it probably wouldn’t be too many reasons to use Akuma and Gouken in AE, and he would have been super broken.

On another note, I’m still trying to figure out, what the hell does his forward/neutral throw has to do with his oki since he doesn’t have all the safe jump options from it like Akuma and Gouken currently have. Maybe it’s possible to meaty a fireball, and follow up palm attack to force the opponent which side to block on or something… . who knows.

Fuck it, I’m still using him as a alt!

I’m done.

Edit: This mofo is the truth. I’ve found a second main. Now I’m done.


I saw some cool stuff but still not switching. I only play Gouken. No one else appeals to me in this game and I doubt that will change.

I THINK he may be able to combo into Ultra 2 after a cross up palm, but I may be wrong.

"oni akumas ex ground cross up move block the other way while standing its considered an over head "
how you like dem apples?? not only can it cross up depending the attack strength, but it’s also overhead when EX’d…meanwhile they take Goukens slow as a snale divekick overhead out

i think oni’s mix up game will revolve around the left or right mix up similar to abel and ibuki due to his teleport palm.

im always looking for a new main so im looking forward to playing oni and e ryu. cant knock em till i try em

Man why cant we get a fuckin shin gouken or something.

Oni looks interesting and I’ll definitely use him for awhile to see how he’s like. The idea of having a character similar to Gouken but with an SRK and a air-dash move sounds enticing, however I doubt I’ll be switching mains though. The only thing that’ll ever make me switch my mains away from Gouken is if Capcom releases an Evil Gouken, and that’s not going to happen by a long shot.

This is exactly what I was thinking the SECOND I saw that shit. BULLSHIT is all I can say.

For sure there will not be a shin or evil or even better version of the AE gouken. Capcom seriously has no clue how to make a balanced game. It’s frustrating to see this game come down to a few OP characters while the rest of the cast has to work their asses off for a win. So disappointing.

Question…does anybody know if Oni’s palm move have any invincibility properties (to attacks or projectiles)? If so then he is officially broken in my books. How you ask? lol Very simple. Because ONE damn move gives you overhead, cross-up, invincibility, ultra setup and all at the expense of one bar.

hey lets not start whining. As gouken users you all should be happy to be able to deal more damage from BnB combos and AA’s( Fj.mp to tatsu).

i predict gouken vs E.ryu as 5.5 - 4.5 in gmans favor. Evil ryu’s low health and non existent akuma vortex will make him easy to deal with.

the Oni match up will be a bitch to deal with as gouken players.

And please don’t talk about balancing issues or OP characters because anything broken will eventually be fixed.

In the first (low res) vid of Oni, it seemed like gouken… but now the only thing in common might be that both characters (gouken and oni) punish hard any enemy mistake.

I feel that oni crossup punch + ultra or whatever can be very nasty to punish things, and i’m sure he will be able to combo into it.

And… we don’t know much about those two new over 9000 shotos, but whatever they’ve lost over the originals, they won’t be mid tier for sure.