got bored with doing sprite edits and took a little break. constructive criticism appreciated so have at it

Oh snaps! I think this is the first drawing I’ve seen from you. Looks awesome.

thanks. i’ve posted several on the fan art thread before. i might just start a thread with my own drawings but it would only get updated like twice a year, lol

i would love to see you do it anyway cuz this is seriously awesome.

Damn, Nice Drawings man!

I recently Started my own Thread… And I don’t think I’m updating it any time soon… Lol… ^_^"

Awethum…Love the lines of action and movement.

I particularly like how you handled his left hand. That area where his hand meets the crotch is busy but with good use of your contrasts, it still communicates pretty well.

If I were to be anal, I’d suggest polishing up the toes and fingers a little bit. Maybe center those finger/toenails and keep them relatively consistent. Cuz since everything else looks spot on, those areas really stand out.

Great work mang! Draw more!


Overall it looks really nice. There are a couple of problems in the details however, that if you are able the fix them, would elevate your drawing to an even more awesome status.

The biggest snag is the arm facing us. Right now it looks really short. If you’d round off the muscles on the forearm a bit more and gave everything on the arm a bit more overlap, the perspective will read much better. You can probably also tilt the hand up a little so it really looks like we’re looking at his arm from the hand up.

Drawing wise his standing leg looks nice, but I’m wondering if it would look better if you brought the foot a bit more to the left. Right now all of his weight is at the(our) left, so it would balance the pose out a little more. Also, it will probably look nice to see the arc of his arm and his back continued in the leg.

The ‘crease’ between the bicep and the forearm muscle in his bent arm could need some work. Both muscles should be squashed into each other. You’ll probably also won’t be able to see the elbow, since the forearm muscle would be sticking out because of the squash.

The hand at the end of the bent arm looks nice, but when you open up your hand like that, the fingers will sort of the pointing at the middle of your hand. The muscle at the base of the thumb could be more integrated into the hand shape, creating a bit more depth.

On the foot on the bent leg you’ll probably won’t be able to see the two little toes at the end.

Sorry for the long post, I hope it all makes sense and that it was helpful. Good stuff, keep it up! :tup:

??? What the hell?

I agree he is awesome and looks a (good) demon bat out of hell. Im so tempted to photoshop and stretch him out sideways, he seems real skinny. Great job though, one of the first gouken fanarts with that design.

thanks for the feed back guys. nice crit Bob Sagat. his left arm is what really gave me trouble. it was fine at first but after adding in his right foot and all the shadows it just got flatter and flatter. his left leg is another story. at first it was closer the left side of the picture but it just looked weird. i’ll redraw it so it’s planted more towards the left so he doesn’t seem so off balance. i might have to redraw his right leg as well.

@ fistoftheryustar
as for being too skinny, i kept beefing him up as i drew him. his model in sf4 is probably bigger but i think i’m satisfied with his current size. glad you like him though


ok here’s an outline of him with the new changes


-his thumb and forefinger on his right hand
-belt and cloth has been twisted so that it’s in line with his left leg
-left arm and hand has been completely reworked so that there is more overlapping to fit the perspective better
-right foot-toes
-left leg has been completely re-drawn so that it’s underneath him more

thinking about redrawing is right arm so it isn’t to the left of the picture so much

the left arm looks a lot less flat so props on that. the crease at the bend of the right arm still looks a bit funny. bob covered that perfectly. also the big toe of the right leg is very close to the standing leg so you could prbly just give it a little room, maybe move it a bit to the left to give it some depth, but not too far cuz it’s creating a nice flow from the standing leg to his other knee. overall great improvements.

hey man, just clarifying. i didnt think he looked skinny. he looked beefy, but somehow like the image was slightly stretched in compression or something like that. heres it slightly wider:


well it’s been a while since i created this thread for this picture but i finally got around to finishing it. this was originally going to be part of my submission for the sf4 booklet art thingy. never finished on time so i let it be and totally forgot about it. anyways, here it is again colored and fixed (thanks to the positive critiques posted earlier).



Wow! It looks great. Did you work with a higher original resolution? Always a good idea to work with high res(4000+) when you can… I wish my computer could handle more.

wow nice. This would be nice for a wallpaper.

Wow! Really cool stuff dude! I think he’s missing a puple or two though.

Man it makes me wonder how you can do that. Goodjob!

i don’t remember what resolution i sketched him in but the final result is what you see. i didn’t go any higher because this was originally for the sf4 contest they had and the dimensions had to be really small.

i don’t like to work with too high of a resolution because it looks too crisp and i usually have to blur the picture so that it doesn’t look “flash” like.

if anybody wants to give it a shot and post it in here that would be cool with me:wink:

i didn’t put pupils on his eyes so that he would look more sinister

thanks. i don’t know either, but if something looks wrong i will jump at it until it looks decent

nice! good job poot. really like this

am i the only one bothered by the left arm? sumtin about the lack of bicep…i get its a perspective thing…but sumtin about the way the arm is drawn makes me think u’d see more of it.

the reason you don’t see too much of his bicep is because he’s twisting his arm in a downward direction. here’s what i used for reference:


as you can see, his bicep is at the bottom and his tricep is at the top, yet his hand is not pointing downward. this also confused me when i was drawing it the first time around but because his arm is foreshortened and in a twisted position, it can look a little confusing