Goukens at EVO2k10

Gouken seems to always have poor showings at tourneys. Any Goukens going? I’m in pool D.

I wish. That shit is on PS3, and I’m no good with the stick. I was going to come for the enjoyment, but they banned camera’s from the event too. AND it’s gonna be hot as hell!!! I’d rather go to the Dominican instead :slight_smile:

I hope you represent us well!!!

I’ll try my best! Never heard they banned cameras though, they didn’t last year, but it was a different venue. I guess the circumstances may have changed with mvc3 being there and perhaps some other surprises.

I’m pretty sure cameras are allowed at evo, just not during the Bang the Machine screening.

Remember - plenty of st.strong and lots of cowbell.

will do, and yea you can never have enough cowbell.

How are the Goukens doing?

Any news? Anyone get streamed?

haven’t seen any yet as of AM pools but maybe in PM pools we might see one

barely lost to Richard Li’s bison, I got beat, came down the last round. Tournament nerves felt especially strange but made me very aware. Having barely lost in such a stupid way made me a little salty. Then I was totally outplayed by a gief player, that match wasn’t fun. More than anything really, I think I beat myself, thinking about the last match that had sent me to losers. The gief match normally doesn’t bother me at all,The gief was legit and probably would have beaten me anyways had I been able to fight in my normal capacity. oh well. Met some cool guys, lots of pros, and played a lot of casuals later, didn’t see a single gouken though. Think I’ma do a little soul searching with the roster, I’d like to go further next year.

its all good man, glad you went out. if you can catch casuals with people who are still around.

As far as other goukens i know that the so cal goukens didn’t go.

yea I played lot of casuals, lots of good bisons and vipers. I was gonna do some money matches with some of the cali guys, but think I’ma do that tomorrow.

damn, its been hard to keep up with them over the phone, but if you could run a match with steinmania (cammy) or repulse (dudley), you’d be golden. but yeah, non tournament evo is like the most chill thing you can do. enjoy yourself if you head back tomorrow.

edit did shine go? or any “unknown” gouken for that matter?

i heard someone’s gouken not being play by played while the stream was frozen yesterday and the commentators talked about keits getting top 8 in tvc.

yea I did see a guy switch to gouken against a blanka later in the evening, not sure why.

^ Apparently with the right(or wrong) spacing you can punish blanka balls with lp palm. i’ve been told that match is all in the momentum.

seems like more of a counter pick if the blanka player doesn’t know wtf he’s doing. apparently its 5-5

You can punish blankaballs with lp palm 99.99999 percent of the time. Every once in a while it doesn’t work but as far as I know, nobody has figured out the circumstances. Just typical Gouken weirdness. I saw that match on the stream, and clearly neither player knew the matchup that well, as they were both doing silly things and not punishing correctly. And when both the players’ matchup knowledge is low, i gotta give a big advantage to blanka, as the basics there are heavily in blanka’s favor.

i didn’t catch the match, sucks that gouken wasn’t repped.

Viscant is the only blanka I play, I’ve yet to see that 99% punish with palm, at best i can break even with him and force him to block. I might luck out and catch one of his balls, but thats because he messed up the safe block… and he has no problem reminding me of that…

from viscants thread: (concerning goukens ability to punish balls)
Gouken: Jab palm strike on block, must be standing. Can be safe balled. Random factor applies also.

he has a whole thread on it in the blanka forum, if you really want the details of how and when it works.

on topic:
sucks that no gouken’s made top 32. or 8 for that matter.

back off topic
is the killa kelly in here the same one who wrecks shop with iron man in marvel?

Gouken can punish Blanka balls ONLY when you hit the reversal window (has to be damn near immediate input). Once you shut down that game, Blanka isn’t all that bad.

you can`only punish if you standing block… and ONLY if you standing block well before the ball.

Meaning, if you’re crouching, but then stand up and standing block before the ball touches you, if DOES NOT count as`standing block and won’t work. Last second standing block from crouch is basically the same as crouching block.

I think it’s only hard when he does it at point blank range b/c you are normally blocking low to protect yourself from his slide.

From max range you can cr. lp and jab him out of it to reset him up close. You can also cr. fp, and cr. roundhouse him out of it too. Punishing the ball with lp palm will give you the most damage, but if he does the ball and whiffs outside your range it set’s up an easy grab for him if you’re just waiting to punish the ball. That’s why it’s important to make him abandon that shit all together by punishing hike however and whenever u can. I normally try to punish the EX verison by throwing a hado and if he goes through that, then you can block for the easy lp palm > frame trap b.s. Fuck Blanka.