Goukens firballs

Can anyone tell me how I can link up 3 ex firballs in a combo Ive been trying for days but I cant get the second one to connect.

It’s piss hard and absolutely not worth it due to damage scaling.

it depends on the size of the character for who you can do it on and it is worth doing because of the stun. i made a list a while back regarding on who the triple ex fireball works on and as well as the double.

fireball to triple ex fireball combo: seth, boxer, and gouken

double ex fireball combo: seth, boxer, gouken, sagat, rufus, abel, blanka, zangief, honda

single firebal and ex fireball combo: same as double

smaller characters(ryu,ken, etc.) : ex fireball to fireball is works fine

ex palm no fadc combo does not work on: fei long, guile, rufus, elf, honda

the list has other stuff on it cause i just did a copy and paste

OK Thanks for tip.

oh ha, i didnt even say how you would get it accomplished, basically if you are not doing a fireball before the ex then just make sure that you are hitting them basically on their ass when they are falling with the first ex fireball after that just keep doing em once you recover. if you are doing the fireball first do the hp one and make sure you hit them REALLY high then its the same timing with the ex fireballs.

Well, kinda off-topic, but at the same time on topic, just wanted to point out that goukens fireball give advantage on block! maybe thats his way to start pressure? Ive been using it out of a jab then into cr. mp and fireball again.

On the corner, you can do this many times for interesting pressure, mixing up with st. mk to keep them from jumping. Its been pretty good! Just stop from time to time on the cr. mp to bait reversals and youre good :slight_smile: