Gouken's Frame Data

Anyone know if this has been released and where could I find it?


You got my hopes up so high, that now I want to sit back and cry. You should put a ? in the title.

My bad. =)

I can’t confirm whether this is accurate or not…

Sorry if posting something from eventhubs.com is regarded as a “no-no” (I wouldn’t know).

But there’s a full list of frame data available for gouken here:


Can anyone confirm that this is accurate? Or, does anyone know of additional frame data elsewhere that can be compared to this for potential differences?

Also note: I haven’t trolled the Gouken threads enough to know whether or not we have frame data on the site, and seeing as this is the only frame-data thread for Gouken that I’ve seen through searching, I’m assuming no.

Have a gander.

You can also find it here.


Am I crazy or cr.FP xx fireball near the corner might guarantee a kara-throw,cr. mp or cr. HK? or are they unthrowable?

RH tatsumaki is at -102 on block… i lawled.