Gouken's Kara Throw?

While there is mention of Gouken’s kara throw (:hk: ~ :lp:+:lk:) in the In-depth Gouken Demon Flip (DF) Safe Jump Guide at the end of the n.Throw (midscreen) section, I’ve seen very little mention of it anywhere else. Is the kara throw really a move that you don’t need to worry about using outside of one very specific DF setup?

It definitely has its uses outside of df set ups but u really gotta know the range its no where near as good as kens. And goukens range is just outside of his normal throw range.

Edit. A little tip for pad players. You can do the Kara throw with 3k button if you have it mapped to make it easier to do rather than trying to do it the normal way. Or I guess with hk and a button mapped to throw would do the same thing. But since I don’t have have a button solely for throw I learned to do it with 3k~lp+lk.

There are a few more uses for it, but it simply doesn’t have the range and mix up capability as Ken’s kara throw since Ken’s can keep you at bay knowing that you can possibly eat a srk > fadc or whatever, and his mix up is safe on block so he can use it with his rush down. Gouken has no rush down factor with his Kara Throw and his step kick is -5 on block… meh.

Edit: Orion609, it looks as if we posted at the same time… LOL

I like to use it after a st.cl.mp…

That leaves you +1 on block so theoretically a karad neutral throw shouldn’t be jabbable, yes? Or no?

no it is because to kara a move it has to come out so if you kara it on frame 1 you have 4 frames of startup which is > 3 frames

Gouken sucks donkey ballz

well it is equal to the 3 frames because you are +1 on block, but yeah, it still loses =[

This is exactly why Gouken needs/needed better frame data. Aside from hado in the corner Not one damn +2 on block that you can kara-throw. I wonder how long is going to take to get the SSF4 frame data.

It gives his back-throw some range at least. I use it unconsciously.