Gouken's last chance

Gouken has one last chance to get the buffs he needs to be effective. We need to communicate this to Capcom in the most effective way possible. I happen to work in Customer Support for a major video game publisher (not Capcom) so I have some insight into the most effective ways to get feedback heard.

Twitter is by far the most direct and effective way to do this. It gives us direct access to the game’s producer. We know that Ono-san reads his Twitter and cares about what people say, as he has indicated numerous times in response to the criticism he has received regarding AE’s balance.

As many of us as possible need to get on Ono’s Twitter and push for a major re-balance of Gouken. We will not be able to post a detailed list of changes as there is a character limit. We need to keep it short and sweet. Throwing in some complementary remarks will help our comments get heard as well. We don’t want to come off like whiners and complainers.

Ono’s Twitter: Yoshi_OnoChin


Lets do it guys!

imo gouken is solid now. i do not want him to change into a another version. Sorry but ill pass on this one. in my honest opinion gouken isnt a very popular cahracter. so his surface has been barely scratched. He has always been a decent character where in the version hes probably the most solid of all 3 versions (pretty close between this version and vanilla). The surface hasnt been scratched yet. try alittle harder before you start crying buffs as you may get more than you wished for (Super guile).

While I don’t (yet) play Gouken… I have a buddy who dominates with him (even though he mains Akuma and is weaker with him! lulz).
He has some incredible strengths but his weaknesses are brutal. His animations are super sick (and tricky, to me, still).
I cannot say whether or not he NEEDS the retooling, but just had to say (to me) he’s no joke.

I’d like to hear what you Gouken-wubbers come up with! Get after it, y’all!

I really think the three main things is an adjustment on his palms to ensure combos from his hitconfirm and the adjustment on ranges. Counter back to previous versions and regular tatsu not dropping people. Considering all the negatives of regular tatsu I’m not seeing how this is a ridiculous request. Tatsu FADC Ultra isn’t even reliable because of spacing issues. You have to hit them at almsot max range for this to work.

Can we agree on that? Tatsu vacuum, adjustment on palms to always combo from hitconfirm, and counter back to super.

demonflip kick being overhead like in vanilla seems like the most obvious dream buff

I don’t know, I’d take the changes to palm and non-drop tatsu over that any day of the week.

I can see palm but to think non-drop tatsu is a bigger buff than overhead on demonflip divekick is silly

I think expecting good people to get caught constantly blocking divekick low is silly.

It’s REALLY not that hard to block high.

All I want is them starting to block high so I can hit them easier with the throw and the sweep. I want to be able to pressure them.

Like I said in the other thread, if they think it’s too much to make it overhead like in vanila,** make it so when it hits crouching it causes the same knockdown as akuma’s demon flip palm.**

There you go, real mix-up and pressure after.

It’s about creating the high/low/throw mixup, not simply hitting low blockers with flip kick.

As it stands, flip sweep might as well not exist except for the very rare predicted fireball recovery sweep.

I understand that, but are you really going to start risking sweep considering you’ll be getting max punished if it is blocked? You’re assuming a competent and alert player is even going to let you constantly run that jazz. Sweep doesn’t even really set up anything. The cross up after is easily auto-correct reversaled by good players.

I’d rather have an anti-air that locks instead of having to fear all this random bullshit dropping and getting max punished that goes on. I mean seriously, the last god damn hit of Tatsu can miss in a backthrow and lead you to getting punished. Nevermind when LK tatsu drops after just one hit.

Shit is absurd. We’ve made due without overhead flip kick for 2 years now. I’d rather be able to hit confirm into palms, and FADC counters into palm damage then get overhead back. All anyone complained about for two years was how Gouken needed a hit confirm, he finally gets one, and it is iffy since EX palm can be too slow to hit sometimes.

Isn’t making that a 100% hit and tatsu dealing full damage on each successful anti-air more important then having to worry about your anti-air dropping someone and then you get punished for 500 damage?

I agree that, IF we could get that stuff, and IF we had to prioritize, then yes, I’d prefer tatsu, palm, and kongo bugfixes (yes, that’s what I’m calling them) first. I also think i’d put “normals hitboxes more appropriate for footsies” between the tatsu and palm. (I’m looking at you, sf.mk, cr.lk, sf.mp)

However, I HAVEN’T been playing with no overhead flip kick for 2 years. As a pc player, I went from vanilla straight to this nerf sandwhich all at once.

Well good thing you missed out on Super cause we didn’t gain anything there but a a cr.lk buff from 6 frames to 5.

I’ve been saying ever since vanilla got released that far standing medium kick needs a serious hit-box buff. That thing needs way more reliability. But the one thing I will say, is after some consideration, I think it’s for using against people who jump over lp hadokens when there is still a good distance between characters, but their jump will put them in range of far st.mk.

That’s what EX tatsu is for and also regular tatsu when you feel like eating a max punish cause the opponent falls out at that range.

wow, really?

I’d be happy if Kongoshin was put back to how it used to be.

And two frame faster overhead.

The end.

i think gouken has a good fireball game.

i think capcom should give him more options from his demon flip and nerf is fireballs abit.

thats just me