Gouki(Akuma)AE:Wake up setup/Vortext



Not taking credit for this just simply posting this useful video for new/average Gouki(Akuma) players to pick up and get an idea how to properly play Him better. watch n enjoy :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for throwin this video up man. I just picked up akuma a few days ago and i have trouble getting my oppents to fall into the vortex. this video helps a lot


Very helpful stuff man, and thx to you my Akuma is one step closer to getting better. Keep up the good work.


You guys are welcome here are two other videos i suggest you watch that will further your Gouki(akuma) play.
2.Safe jumps [media=youtube]nEhl4lo5fzw[/media] if you guys dont understand Frame data i highly recommend you check out this link.
3.Ambiguous Corner set ups and Unblockables [media=youtube]HFOsp4Ysm60[/media] some people say that alot of these set ups are mindlessly easy to avoid, noticeable, or gimmicky but in my experience/opinion some of these come in handy, if you find yourself with the opportunity to recreate these set ups in a real match and pull it off its a very good feeling :clapdos:
hit up the lab(training mode) hard guys and practice practice practice till it becomes muscle memory.


I just get thrown most of the time I try to do early whiff crossup palm and go into low combo…Timing?


You are hitting the OS throw break/low attack a bit early. Delay just a bit.


You can also throw in a Delayed Demon Flip Kick cross up. So when you land they whiff a grab (what happens most of the time) and you can punish with another throw or a Nice BnB Combo. always keep em Guessing :wow: