was originally going to be somebodies stick art but they wanted something else and i thought i’d finish it up. it’s not done yet but it might end up being part of my piece in the srk artbook.

if you’re viewing this in Blue Steel srk background it might look a little weird since it’s a png file.


line art


here are some other versions. i can’t decide on one



Really cool, I need to work on my coloring.
Will use yours for reference, its done so well.

Great stuff.

Great work
love the detail

keep up the good work

idky but it really stood out to me when i saw this last night. idky i didnt comment right away.

great proportions, no uneveness. can you color him shin akuma style?

i have one of him that has the shin akuma colors so i’ll post it up. i just noticed i forgot to draw his sandals…

thanks for the comments

alright here is akuma with sandals and shin akuma at the bottom





So very pro.

Very nice. The coloring is good.

I think It would look nicer with some solid inking instead of the Samurai Jack style thing you got going on now. The shading on his right leg/foot also seems a little off.

Very nice though.

Hotsauce! Black shadows have more drama… that one is my fav. Great drawing.

yeah i can see where i probably could have done more with his right foot, especially near his heel.

black shadows are definitely more dramatic and so far that one’s my favorite but there’s more colors in the others. i don’t know, kind of wanted a “ninja scroll” look to it.

thanks for the positive crits guys.

Are you trying to go for a KoF XII style? If so, you’re doing a pretty good job at it. Raised toe looks a tiny but weird, though.

nope, i was going more or less for a ninja scroll style as far as shading goes. and yes, his toe looks a bit odd in that position. i was trying to be dynamic but when i tried doing the same pose as his left foot i couldn’t imitate it. i’ve already started on another akuma piece so i might not get around to fixing that toe of his anytime soon. nice catch though.

I think the toe is a great touch as it shows tension in his foot.

really digging the shading.
nice to see the different variations you’ve been exploring too.

Raised toe is hot!!! My fave is the black. Great stuff man.

dude… sick.