Gouki avatar request


Just wondering of anybody can make me an avatar, the specs are:

  • Gouki starting animation of Kongou Kokuretsu Zan(where he holds up his hand, with the aura) at the left side
  • Gouki’s face pic(facing left) from sfz3 as the background
  • The word “KidHadou” at the bottom right corner, white, with black borders

Thanx :clap:

i this the pic your talking about?

Yes…that’s the one
Just take the head, without the body. I think that should be nice.
Btw, hope u can make a blue and purple explosion as the bakground.

Thanx in advance

you mean explosion from the super? or try to make my own?

Yes, make another “explosion”, if possible…

if anyone wants to do this, go ahead. might not be able to make this because work is piling up in school.

Thanx anyway