Gouki Crossup and/or meaty

Its shown in this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zv8qnb8Xkcw
The first one he does he hits him with a demon flip kick in in front of him, (but which ones, lk,mk,hk) and then the 2nd one where he crosses him up and does it, which one does he use? lk mk or hk flip kick?
input appreciated

Wow! Thx for the link, great advanced tuto!
It would be interesting to have a trad of the speech!

Its not about which one he uses in that specific situation. You have to know the different ones depending on how you knock them down.

For example, after you land a HP dragon, you can do it with the RH version, though its dependant on them quick rolling.

Or land SA1, dash once, then do mk version.

Or the one I stole off Uraken (from Uraken VS AFM) - just stand next to them after knocking them down, and assuming they haven’t quick rolled, do lk flip. Cancel into kick early to cross them up, or cancel a bit later to hit them in the front.

Where can i get those tut vids for every character ? The shit is hot !!

There is currently 4 tutorial…