Gouki Rushdown...?



ok… i’m more of an alpha 3 player so i really don’t know how to rush with Gouki. afaik he’s lost a very bufferable hopkick, c.FK xx hado is no longer safe, and he has no mad axe kick.

  • anyone have any decent pressure strings with Gouki? P-Gouki preferrably.

i checked the other thread but besides the very cute SGS setups and the demon flip discussion, i couldn’t really find much…


P groove Akuma right.

Looks for oppoent roll to grab them from any attack.
Always does half c back GouHadoKen coz its power up.
Starts combos with jump in air GouHado.
Do poke combo but never finish it off with GouHado coz oppoent rolls and u seek a grab.
Oppoent jumps in Gou Hado super.



but that’s not really rushdown… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

like in A3 i’d go for a jump in dive kick, c.JP c.SK, jump in dive kick c.SK c.SK c.JP, hopkick into SK.tatsumaki, c.JP, jump straight up air hadoken, c.SK, axe kick, etc, and u’d be pretty hard pressed to get out of it.


at first glance i was like “aw… i know this shit…” but u weren’t redundant at all anywhere. ie i was expecting to have to explain that the flip attacks were blockable high but u knew that and even spoke about frame advantage which i knew nothing about til now. please, go on…


Excuse my scrub question.

How does Akuma flip in the air and then grab the opponent and bounce them on the ground?

I ask cause after that move you can do the spin kick to whatever.


the demon flip?

DP motion + K



i never thought of the dash foward thing into demon.

Well thats 8 setups i now have for the demon.
U actually sound like u know what your talking about.

one thing i would like to add with your rush down tactic.
Instead of canceling a fireball after your d.hk, do a jab roll (not the jp,jk roll cause that doesnt cancel), then do the bread and butter again into another roll and once more instead of doing the roll this time u add a demon flip or a fireball.

Then after that just change when u do your rolls or fireballs.

Good demon setups.

  1. Dive kick deep into them into demon (cant jump after flash).
  2. over head into demon (i do this after a simple small jump kick).
  3. jump with a m.k (not dive kick) and push jabx2 while your in the air, hit foward for a step or 2 then hit j.k and h.p ( your demon will come out and your opponent wont be able to jump after the flash, plus they would have most likely have tried to tech your throw… poor bastard)
  4. Jump airfireball land, do a jab roll into demon.
  5. When opponent is knocked down, just as they get up do a jab roll (know your on the other side) into demon.
  6. Anti air demon always works.
  7. and a classic. jump in with a d.rh into d.hp cancelled into a short hurricaine kick into demon (cant jump after flash).
  8. the dash into demon ( thats the new one for me) Oh ya, this doesnt work if they used delayed get up or quick get up.

Placing these setups into your akuma game makes him that much more dangerous. I also use P groove Akuma and I usually pull off at least 1 demon in a match. My max was 4 in a match. LOL!!!

I apologize if u already knew these setups, just thought that i would add some good shit to this gouki thread.


i meant the far one actually.
damnit >.< well at least he doesn’t have a command normal with FP.

heh… hey i forgot about the good old SK.tatsumaki. that worked wonders in A3. in CvS2 he can even buffer it off a c.SK x 3, so i guess that’s some sort of bread and butter to work with, and if it’s ducked under it’s still quick enough to be reasonably safe.

i dunno about his divekick tho… the timing is a bit awkward. it’s more like his 3S divekick than his A3 divekick.

i didn’t know he could super cancel his air FP… gotta try that…


N/K Groove Rushdown

What are some good running pressure poke strings for Akuma? I usually try to use c.lk, c.lp, c.hk XX (if combo connects) qcb+lk and c.lp, c.hp XX qcf+hp… are these the best strategies for run-rushdown or am I missing something?

Also any ground poke setups for connecting the demon flip would be much appreciated… thanks.


edit… none


If you guys look at that BAS vs Ino vid in the japan multimedia section of SRK, BAS shows some really interesting rushdown A- akuma. He’s probably got the best akuma i’ve ever seen


Where did you get these? Or would it be possible for me to get these from someone over aol, because I want to see these? And you were right. That Akuma was somewhat impressive, but that was no rushdown.

A decent N-Groove Akuma rushdown is on teamfamilyfun (click here ). It’s Ohnuki warming up at Evolution 02. It was the one posted Feb 16th.


Sure, I can do it. You gotta instruct me on how to though, I’ve never sent files through AIM. My aim name is mewantchili. I’m offline more often than online, but I’ll start logging on more until you get a chance to get the file.


Sorry I haven’t been online. School is being a real bitch right about now. You being on east coast makes it harder to (times are different).

I plan on getting on tonigh, at around 8:00 to 9:00-ish, which means around 11:00 your time. Again, my apologies.