Gouki. Ugh background. +other stuffs (Hulk + Chun Li)

Haven’t been posting for years! Anybody miss me?

The sketch was reli, reli ruff. Took a pic wiv my hp, den inked it wiv illustrator.

Yea I hate d background, too.

One of d Silverhawks. I hav a thing for her can anyone geuss y? I forgot her name, tho… Anyway, my inks look like dis. Get illustratoooor~

Hp pic. Scanners r a thing of d past.

Chun gav me d most trouble inking. Too much detail. The Hulk was a breeze. He’s jz scratching his nose coz he can’t pick it, btw.

I have no idea who you are.


nice stuff. haven’t heard mention of the Silverhawks for ages… draw BraveStarr next :slight_smile:
only nitpick is that the blacks on Hulk dominate over Chun’s light linework, which is a pity since you put in so much effort in inking her. I’m slightly tickled that Hulk looks a bit like he’s sniffing his finger (a la I.R. Baboon).


U bastard. lol. I’ve seen ur latest works here n there n man u’ve improved loads! envy

N hush on d finger sniffing thing. I was hoping no1 wud notice :p! I hav to see wat i can do wiv Hulk’s thick lines. Still experimenting hehe.

Bravestarr? Not curvy enuff… lol.


I remember you! I actually have seen some of your other works not suitable for SRK.

Hulk looks powerful. Little detail, Chun’s fingers on her left hand looks too big. I actually prefer the sketch version of Akuma. The lines on the finished version are too stylized that they don’t define him enough, especially the forearms. Don’t know who Silverhawk is but she looks foxy. Are you inking with the pen tool?

Hey, they R big. Hav to fix dt. Thnx ^^.

Yea sum of my art ain’t suitable for SRK. Bt the mods allow sum tasteful nudes if im not mistaken. I’m done wiv my nude study so i doubt i’ll be drawing nudes as often.

The pen tool is ur fren n mine. Bt wat an arse!

i like your hulk the most, did you ink with pen or tablet?


sorry to burst your bubble, but no nudes – tasteful or otherwise – allowed on SRK.
or anything suggesting sexual acts, for that matter.

did hulk just finger bang chun li?

also we’re in america can we please just say akuma? (or are you in/from japan?)

rook: gasp No more topless in SRK?? Man…

DanSC: Hulk rules. Mouse ^^

Rabid Wombat: lol I dunt think it’d fit? Nah, I prefer Gouki.

well it sounds pompus as hell…and like ever fan i know finds it irritating but do what you will…uh…silverhawks gots some camel toe…yuck
digital inks? nice either way

Yea digital inks. Thnx man. U dun like camel toes?

Hello MRDANDY123… I dunno you either, but you’ve got an older join date than the rest of us, so what do we know?.. Hehe… LOL @ camel toe… Gorgeous inkings BTW…


. Akuma’s inking seems to be overpowering the colours that they seem to recede in the back… Some very nice lighting in the colouring I must add!..

. The Silverhawk gal has got some gorgeous musculature and a very defined, nice face… No bad crits here, except maybe the ear touching too close to the cheek, but it’s somewhat unnoticeable…

. The Chun-Li and Hulk is the one that’s looking the best IMO; Chun-li’s right hand is tops but her left hand is looking a bit freaky alien-like… And I think her chests shouldn’t be behind the Hulk’s head, don’t you think?..

can you post the akuma inks without color? i want to try something.

Here u go:

Thnx for d cmnts seba_boi. Hehe nah, i dun think i shud make Chun’s chest stick out. Wat wiv d finger banging nfinger sniffings, squished melons r out of d question :p.

Lil update.