GP-WIZ40 issue

My GP-WIZ40 PCB just started registering the right x axis permanently. Even when I take out all wires from it and just plug in the USB cord it does the same thing.

Is it ruined? Anyone have this happen before?

First time I heard a GP-WIZ40 doing this before, but I seen this happen often enough on PCBs from retail arcade sticks.

There is a chance the board isn’t ruined, check the board for any shorts on the traces (example lose wire stands or solder clumps) if you find any and remove the short the board might work again. Also check the board for any cuts or breaks in the traces, less likely the cause but it is still a possibility.

Well, I already ordered a I-PAC2, but I’ll check it out again anyways. When I was looking at it closely I didn’t see any issues with it.