GP Wiz40 USB Controls Interface

whats up everyone? Im currently working on my first stick, and wanted to do the PCB work myself. I’ve seen these boards online, and was curious if any has used these before. And Im also curious how you’d program each slot to act as a 360 button. I’m a little lost on all this. Could i wire my buttons to any of the slots on the board here, or do certain slots function as certain buttons (start, select, guide)

in the picture here, i see slots for the ground, up, down, left, right…but besides that how would I wire the guide button, start, select, and triggers to this?

I knowa bout ground wires, so im just talking about the main wires for each button.

I don’t need a list of places to buy them, and i know how to use google. thanks.
If you have a link to tutorial, please share. If not, don’t direct me to google, as I’ve tried that already.

I was asking people ON HERE, who have experience making sticks.

In your google travels did you run across the info about Microsoft security chips for Xbox360 controllers?

lets see, first link of that leads you to a place where you can buy it



lets looks at this documentation shall we

  1. No where does it say it’ll work on 360, hell these type of PCBs are only used for PC
  2. This type of PCB is ideal for mame setups and the like. Your probably not looking for one of these

Now what to do cause you probably looked at it and was like “I don’t wanna solder”.

1: Grab a madcatz SE 360 stick
2: Grab a madcatz tournament edition stick

both models already have wires soldered onto the pcb and they have a special terminal strip for QDs.


1: man up, learn to solder

i think i might’ve seen some tidbit about that, where MS has some kinda security features which limits the controllers you can use? is that right?

what does that mean for me…? that this isnt the best option to go? pad-hack might yeild better results?

thanks twinniss, that helps, I did see ppl were using these for PC, but I think i got that link from a site about console controllers, so i just assumed wrong.

and I already have the madcatz SE fightstick, thats what got me the idea of making my own.
so i guess illl just have to do a pad hack.