GP2X, anyone?

Info / Specs

anybody have one? if so, discuss here what U play, want to play, and favorites; really anything U want to say about it…

I have one… But I haven’t touched then thing in months to be honest.

I haven’t looked for any updates for the emus either, so that’s probably a big reason.

check here

I’m getting one for X-mas…

i got one and love it…
been playin samsho4 on the train to work
got lots of games on it and a few videos on my sd card…

Commercial appeal needed much for this!!!

holy crap, where do you get these things? are they expensive?

I got one, it owns. can’t wait for the new cradle to come out.

check my edited 1st post; their only $160-180 :lovin:

(won’t let this die!!!)

I thought about buying one right when they came out but they were plagued with problems at that point. I might have to pic one up now that I heard most of the probs have been fixed.

yeah, they’re now in the 2nd production line (MK2), and they’re in a new crisp black color…

(I know you’re interested!)

There seems to be a new GP2X coming soon (or next year) rumored as the GP3Q…

This looks like a really cool gadget. It would be cool to own one.

I would get one, but I’m not massively into handhelds that have games I can play at home. Because pretty much all of my gameplay is at home.

I have one, it does everything pretty well, but its not really solidly made. It can play emulators, music, and uncompressed Divx. The On/Off switch feels kinda loose, and the joystick is just a little shitty thing like you’d find in a remote. The battery life’s ok, when you play something simple like NES it’ll last a few hours, but watching a movie or playing neo geo or something sucks it down to like 2.
My stick stopped returning to center, and I’ve tried to fix it, but I basically gave up and tried to replace the thing with a dpad. Overall, I’d say they are worth it, but you will have to put a little work into it to get it working the way you want. The stock joystick is pretty laughable, so I think it’d be best to look up the d-pad mod someone will do for you to get the most out of it.
At this point though, the PSP can do most of what this does and more, so I think that’d be the best bet.

Any info or links on the emus performance ?

NVmind… found it!

Are you satisfied?

Are you stuck with and MK1 unit, or MK2? MK2 supposedly fixes most of those problems, and though the MK2 joytick sucks too, it seems almost as if GPH made the joystick as open-source as the handheld itself!

It’s an MK2, but you’re right it “supposedly” fixes it. My stick broke after like 2 months of use. I think it’s totally broken now, I rewired it to test the directions, and it doesn’t register anything. :frowning:

I did link (2 posts ago) to a rapidly developing thread about the successor to the GP2X (with a better joystick, I’m sure), not that it will ease your pain…

didnt they stop production cause it was funded by some gangsters/drug dealers?
thought they stopped releasing products for it, just homebrew etc is on going