GPS Trackers


I stumbled across this site that has some really affordable Lojack-like GPS trackers.

I want one for my car and I think 200 to 300 dollars would be way better spent on one of these then a worthless car alarm.

Anyone have any experience with these or know a good brand? I need on that has no subscription fees, works with Google earth or similar and that can be hooked up to a 12v wire so I don’t always have check the batteries. (but I’m sure if it takes AA’s its possible to mod it to take 12 volts?)


Ive always wanted those spider trackers like the ones Spiderman used to use in the Spiderman and Friends cartoon.

I would one of those in all of my valuables. So I could track down my stuff and burn the thiefs house down.


Ok I did some research and found a very cheap and reliable way to track your car.

All you need to do is hardwire a $50 prepaid Boostmobile to your car battery and access it through GPS tracking software like Google Maps. It also works as an emergency car phone.

Target sells these phones with a 90 day return policy, so anyone can afford to mess it up.

I found the guide here.

The only cons I see are that your limited to Boost’s (Nextel’s) signal area. 35 cents a day for unlimited data (which isn’t bad at all and I’m pretty sure it’s only for the days you use it) Prepaid cards run out after 90 days (It would get annoying to have to rip the phone out from under the dash every few months to refill it with a $10 card or whatever.

Here’s how I’m doing it.


this is cool~ you just got the McGuyver award~!