GPX Events Listing

GPX has quite a few events on the table, from events we are contracted to build and run to events we are sponsoring on some level.

I am posting a listing here (hoping I can get it stickied :slight_smile:

SFGT - Dr. Chaos Vs. Flash Metroid! - January 30th, Davie, FL
Wills Pub Monthly Tournaments - February 1st, Orlando, FL

Katsucon - February 12-14
Katsucon Website
Katsucon Forum
Katsucon Smashboards

Winter Brawl - February 27th, Philadelphia, PA

Animation & Gaming Ohio - March 12-14 Cincinatti, OH
A&GO Website
A&GO Forums
A&GO Smashboards

Anime Boston - April 2-4 Boston, MA
AB Website
AB Forum
AB Smashboard

Tekkoshocon - April 8-11 Pittsburgh, PA
Tekko Forum
Tekko Smashboard

T-Mode - April 16-18 Alexandria, VA

Anime St. Louis - April 23-25 Collinsville, IL

More Than Games (MTG) - April 24-25, Ashburn, VA

East Coast Throwdown - May 29-30 - Grand Champion Seeded to GAMME Top Tier Challenge + Flight to Event

GAMME! - June 4-6 Orlando, FL
GAMME Capcom-Unity
GAMME Zaibatsu
GAMME Dustloop
GAMME 8wayrun
GAMME All is Fighter

Team PIE 2nd Serving - June 11-13, Flushing, NY

I will be posting the alternative info for each here as well, from Smashboards to Zaibatsu and their own forums as well as their websites and other pertinent info.

Events in the works (more info coming soon)

Impact Clash
Raging Storm

We want to continue doing what we do and get the most information out there to the community. I thought posting it here as well as our website would help get the info more consolidated.

Thanks for all your support in your respective cities. We love you all, No Homo.

Updated info for Wills Pub, ECT, Team Pie and added more forum listings for GAMME.