GPX & Katsucon Tournament Results

Katsucon was a huge success for GPX, we had the honor of completely running all their gaming autonomously and we are happy to have legitimate tournaments at this great convention. We expect to grow their community well with each passing year. It was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well.

1: Jag ($91.00)
2: MVA ($26.00)
3: Bryant Zhang ($13.00)
4: The Angery1
5: Ironpronges
5: The Emperor
7: zesty
7: Nah-3ve
9: HeaT
9: Jigamar
9: Zandco
9: Pierre
13: Thrillhouse

1: Ryder (ABEL) ($98.00)
2: Flashfire (GIEF) ($28.00)
3: Shinku ($14.00)
4: Erik Kim
5: MVA
5: Katternari
7: C Miller
7: E
9: Nah-3ve
9: Karl
9: Pierre
9: Jaguar Muthafucka
13: Jahop
13: Crim

BlazBlue - Saturday
1: C. Miller
2: LaiJin
3: Shin Oni
4: T-Ryu
5: Mva
5: Sean Mayfield
7: The Angery1
7: EC Krang
9: .m
9: Bridget
9: Rick
9: Andy Ajus
13: Warr

1: Eric V ($49.00)
2: Steve H ($14.00)
3: Dragon Charlz ($7.00)
4: mcagee3
5: Ryder
5: Quickpaw
7: Project K
7: warr

1: Eric V ($28.00)
2: spicspanspiff ($8.00)
3: Bry bry 409 ($4.00)
4: U-E-Z
5: Brotherman
5: octane
7: quickpaw

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Friday
1: Judd Nelson
2: Michael Frigola
3: Sean Mayfield
4: Pedro Gonzalez
5: Jacob Sequeria
5: Christian Espinoz
7: John Woodley
7: Loc Duong
9: Elder
9: Pierre P
9: Shannon Bee
9: Glenn Raysor
13: Brent Young
13: Paul Benson

We have other tourneys to report from other laptops that will go up by tomorrow, and our Smash tourney for Brawl will be posted by Tantalus on the Smash boards.

We hope everyone had a fun time with us in our tournaments and at our panels. We loved every minute of it. I think we broke Eric V with some of the crazy things we do in our events ^_^.

What the FUCK happened there? HOLY SHIT!!!

we dont play sf4 no more. you dont even come out so stfu.

Didn’t know this tournament existed. Plus, if I came out, I would be playing.

Which I will be in a few weeks or so. Hey, damn though. This is pretty out of control.

Mags I haven’t seen you in months.

Except in streams, being a monster. Real talk.

You better be at Winterbrawl! :tup:

GG’s everyone…

hope to see more people playin the new crack which is TVC!

Steve H/Myself/Slick Rick/Rugal/Rugi did not play in SF4 singles…

Ryder (Abel) vs Slick Rick (Honda) money match was ridiculous came down to last round!

3-2 Slick Rick but damn could have went either way…

Ryder has a sick Abel!

Shout out to Ryder/Kattamari/Lane/Oni/Word/Alex/Bchan/Spiff/UEZ/Jags/SteveH/GXP crew/SlickRick/Rugal/Rugi/Sova squad/and anyone else I missed I am mad tired!

Slick Rick is godlike.

Props to the philly/nj crew for coming down, I’m going to have to return the favor sometime. Always chill. I’ll shake off the SF4 cobwebs eventually…

Ryder is godlike.

Good shit to Everyone.


See you guys at Winter Brawl!

Thanks dude, sick games throughout the entire night. “I don’t know how you can play rufus and sleep at night” :rofl:

Sorry? :xeye:

:rofl: he’s so fuckin annoying to me…especially when i’m drunk…

anyway, ggs man. see you around, i’m sure! :tup:

damn, i woulda won this one too.

I won the sailor moon tourney

Good shit indeed. Just watching Rick play Honda kinda made me want to fool around with him just for the hell of it.

I am the 3rd strike master.

How many entered in for TvC:UAS?

Unfortunately there was no pot tourney!


maaaaaaaad gaay

3s results soon?

Manny I feel like such a douche that I could not make it… very sorry about that everyone especially the 3s players. I am planning on WB…