Grab Character Guide?

Hey guys, i want to start using grappler characters more. Is there any guides or tutorials on learning the basic fundamentals and mindset, that goes into playing a effective grappler? Thanks in advance.

It really depends on the character. Seth plays entirely differently than Zangief. The idea of a grappler character is mostly a holdover from older games like ST where Gief or THawk won if he got in once but he had a hell of a time doing it.

T Hawk and Gief play somewhat similarly in SF4 and are the truest ‘grapplers’ in the game. Their gameplan is to get close to your opponent. Then they use their great mid-range pokes and command grabs to hit their opponents. Part A is being patient, working through zoning, and getting close. Part B is guessing whether they’re going to jump, block, or backdash, and punishing them for whatever they do. If you manage to get the opponent to the corner your job gets a lot easier because every jump can be punished, so you can just punish jumps on reaction and grab them if they refuse to jump.

Zangief uses to condition people to block because it’s such a good mid-range poke. Then he SPDs you when you block. His biggest weakness is fireballs. He has a lot of tools to get around them (EX green hand, lariat, jumping, short jumping, focus absorbing, blocking) but none of them are particularly foolproof.