Grabbing a new 360 stick - where to go?


My main stick broke and I’ve been looking for a new 360 stick to replace it, but stick availability has gone down a lot from the last time I looked. My current main option is the BlazBlue TE off Amazon for $130. The design for the 360 one isn’t that great, so I’d end up replacing the buttons and artwork regardless. If I’m gonna do that, though, I thought I could find a 360 SE and mod it for cheaper but those seem to be nonexistant now.

Are there any other decent stick options out there? Custom or no. I’d rather have it sooner rather than later, since I am stickless at the moment.


How did your stick break in the first place? I would highly suggest trying to get a modder to fix it first before you go on to buying a totally new stick.

Or try the Trade Outlet.


try running the problems with your stick thru TT and see if we can fix them


The fightpad PCB I used fried. The case is fairly beaten up; I may replace the PCB and use it when we need a spare stick, but I’ve been looking at getting a new stick regardless.


You can also get the Hori RAP for $140: Real Arcade Pro VX SA: Video Games


It’s harder to find info on the VX, plus Art doesn’t have a plexi for it yet. :frowning: I’ve been debating between the HRAP EX and the TE, though I’ll try to dig up some more info on the VX.