Grabbing in super sf4=getting fked up?

funny story i woke up did my regular routine breakfast etc then decided to play some super sf4 i jumped online didnt even bother doing training room to warm up so i play a ranked match and then i lose a match and next match i play the same guy again and btw i play ibuki but anyways i noticed one of the guys had a mic and i heard him taunting me so i one basically by grabbing but i dont think i grabbed no more then 5 times but then when the match finished i was called a no skill noob and needed to play wwe instead of streetfighter and then i decided to play deejay in another match and the aftermath of that match was the guy giving me his phone number and being threatened to get stabbed in the neck if we played in person. man short story short i would to know is that a regular thing to getting beat down for grabbing lmao? is thats whats good now adays?

If they can’t throw tech then they should shut up and quit complaining.

Don’t worry, you’ll get rage mail like this all the time in SF, people just seem to be epic keyboard warriors with fighting games :lol:

yeah i figured that but he was sending me hella long paragraph messages gave me his phone number and said ill come to where you are to fight you im like damn man im in cali and you live in texas i should of asked if he would cover my at&t bill times is rough

Just block him XD I had to do that to someone in vanilla just because they just wouldn’t STFU and go away.

'sides, if that phone number works. Nothing like a good prank call at 3 in the morning :lol:

Give his number to 4chan. Good times.

the guy who gave you his number is a known hater on PSN

he will always threaten to beat you up and will always hand out a number.

Yeah, just do what someone else said and post the number on 4chan. Whether it’s his real number or not, doesn’t matter. It will still be funny.

If it is his real number though, I hope the dude gets harassed. Maybe that will teach him to stfu and just play the damn game. I can’t stand Internet Tough Guys.

Don’t worry about it though, SupahRreem. SSFIV isn’t the only game you’ll get hate mail on for grabbing people. Grabbing is looked down upon when playing online and you’ll get called all sorts of names for doing it, plus they will tell you why it’s cheap (because there isn’t enough time to react online for a throw break).

Just do whatever works, man. Whether you win by 10 grabs or 10 punches, it doesn’t matter. A win is a win :karate:

I got a very angry message from a guy when playing yesterday.
Same story he called me a no skill noob and that I couldnt do anything but fake and throw :rolleyes:

I just sent back a message ssaying:

“you fell for the same set up 10 times, got thrown 10 times AND lost, and your calling me a noob? Either stay away or learn how to tech throws.”

The next message wasn’t too nice to say the least :confused: He told me I wouldnt be able to beat him again, a lot of swear words and an invite to an endless match session.
Funny thing is I accepted and after 8 wins in a row the guy added me as a friend and sent an apology :wtf: (that surprised me to say the least)

long story short: Dont listen to those messages, most of the time its just stuff said out of fustration, we all get fustrated but most of us dont send messages, we just keep on trucking.

I notice there’s a lot of keyboard warriors on PSN. I get MAYBE one message a month over on XBL.

Interesting how different the online communities are.

I’d take a keyboard warrior over those voice messages on XBL any day >_>;;

grabs are godly in super, if you miss one little thing, cross-up, combo, whatever, a grab will beat your ass. but yeah you need to know how to tech throw. so even though constant grabs are annoying. if the opponent doesn’t learn to tech it, he’s an idiot. his fault.

grabs arnt actually really godly in super, its more that they are godly online. I watch fucking replays, and a person will get grabbed even though they both pushed grab at the same time, looking at their inputs.

…keep grabbing

This is why online you should always use the turbo button for grabs. So much bullshit occurs especially since its IMPOSSIBLE to tech online. Hold that turbo button and win online. Offline teching works though and grabbing is far less frequent and requires much more skill.

Please tell me you are not being fucking serious?

^just ignore him

If you wanna see rage, play Gears of War 1 and ACTIVE DOWN people with the sniper. They talk to you as if you just beat up their grandkids.

lmao yeah i used to do that and swing a smoke grenade around them then hit them with it and as they got up boom headshot and wtf theres tech skills for offline and online i dont see a diffrence and lmao @ turbo i would love to look at your inputs in a match automatic mash monster

this is funny because i play ibuki now and i grab because it can set up her vortex. so i am going to grab alot. These niggas go crazy and get all pissed off at me. all you gotta say is learn to tech. I remember giving me his number so i called it and it was out of service HAHAHAHAHAHA. then i mailed him back and told him and he made up some bs. then i told him to meet me at arcade infinity one of these days and sent him 3 whole messages straight up laughin. These online gangstas are sooooooo sorry.

4channers wouldn’t be interested.
Hater has no breasticles to show them.

Hahahahahahaha. And the award for biggest scrub in the thread goes to… omg I don’t believe it… NaokiB4U come on down!

Teching throws online is incredibly EASY, sir. I used to get thrown around a lot online AND offline. Whether or not you’re playing online has nothing to do with it. The key here is simply anticipating common throw opportunities and being ready to tech when those opportunities arise.

The post I quoted can actually be used as a gauge to determine your skill, sir, and if turbos are your solution then I expect to make a clean 1000BP off of ya.