Grabbing in super sf4=getting fked up?

if he gave you his number then why didnt you call the police on him?

Ugh. Such a boring answer. Seriously. Very boring.
Ya don’t call the pigs. Technically you’ve got nothing on him anyway short of being stupid enough to give his number out to total strangers.

The key is now YOU give his number to MORE total strangers and let hilarity ensue. The cops can’t be everywhere to hold people’s hands. So we’ll let dozens of strange folk get a hold of that number and hopefully what those strange folk DO with that number will convince him not to be so fucking stupid.

if I recall correctly, from my old 4chan days. 4chan isn’t your personal army.

1 i dont snitch on people to the police 2 idk he did threatened to stab me in the neck im saying though i kinda need my lungs to breathe


Yeah. You’re right. I’m never able to tech online.

Oh wait…

It can be done. It’s harder to get that timing, but I’ve met quite a few players that would do it rather frequently. Not 100%, of course, but it’s not “impossible” as you said. You certainly don’t need a turbo button, lol. Who the hell suggests that? Hahaha.

Also, about the guy’s number…yeah, forget 4chan. If it does turn out to be legit, just start having it posted in S&M magazines and writing it on walls if you’re in a stall at a gas station’s bathroom with a little caption. You know, something like:

“Call me. I love you long time”

Are you serious? What was the guys name? My friend just fought a guy tonight who sent him his number. He actually called the number and the guy went on a tirade, with my friend telling him it’s just a game. The guy them proceeded to use some site to find some general information about my friend based on the phone number and said he’d come down here. My friend then used a better site, sent the guys name and STREET ADDRESS to him. The guy then said again he’d come down to mess my friend up, and supposedly called the local Sheriff Department even though the guy is the one who was threatening people.

What’s funny is that my friend LOST the match they fought, and asked the guy for a rematch, but the guy refused and kept threatening and yelling.

Post contains 99% Truthiness.

Dude, how the hell do I get these kinds of people to mess with ME?
Seriously. I’m so bored that it would amuse me greatly to toy with some guy like this.


I’m surprised. I have yet to actually receive any hatemail. The closest thing I got to it was after joining a Player Match and it was set on best of 5.

Alright, so…if you didn’t see the title and avatar, I play Sakura. Well, I played against this dude’s Ryu in the room and it was getting pretty intense. Neither one of us was jumping in or really doing anything risky because I knew he had his Shoryuken and he knew I had my c.hp, lol. Well, we both play defensive for a while, exchanging fireballs, ya know, and we’re both guarding a good bit.

Anyway, it goes all five rounds with every round getting down to the wire, then he finally beats me just barely with a fireball coming out faster than mine. After the match, it said the host had removed me from the room. I got a mail shortly after saying, “You were taking too long”.

Wtf is that? If I ever find this guy again, I’m just going to fight him, beat his ass, then leave and send him a mail saying, “You were losing too fast”.

people are telling me learn to tech and stuff, but man i swear to god everything that gets me online i tech offline. its really dumb. Also a lot of my throw attemps get stuffed/are too early online when offline its either a tech or a grab.

I think its really dumb when they are gonna throw you, you tech and your hand comes out to throw, then they throw you…

LOL am i sensing a F&F vibe there. But yeah i had a guy say i was crap because i used grabs it was in an endless match and he basically ordered the host to boot me(which he did KNOB!!!) But like it has been said before if they cant throw tech then sod’em grab the shit outa them and laugh at there childish messages.

I cant throw tech very well but i dont bitch about people throwing me they found my weakness(well one of many really) and exploited it just like anyone would.

And as for the dumbass sending you his number (not real of course) lol what a tit i would have told to come meet me and no doubt it would have been a little 12yr old who’s e-dick suddenly shrank to an e-fanny because somebody called his bluff.

the grab option select is very hard online… but not impossible. just double tap it every hit very fast. much more effective online. but hahah guy sounds like a true loser.

You necro posted a thread from over a year ago for that? Really?