Grabbing out of electricity




How do you minimalize the chance that your opponent grab you out of your electricity cross up?



A) what do you mean by electricity cross up
B) we have a Q&A thread for a reason
C) if your electricity is grabbable you are probably using it in a bad situation.


A) Jump MK - LP - Elec
B) Sorry, next time
C) ?


are you doing lp elec? it has less range than hp, and against skinnier characters will whiff.


if you are doing a straight cancel into lp elec, thats a misuse of that particular version.


I’m trying arcade stick fot a week now. I use the piano: Lp-mp-hp-mp-mp(ofcourse I tried hp-hp or lp-hp instead of mp-mp but that’s to hard for now). So I use mp-elec.

Sometime’s when I crossup with mk - my piano, I get grabbed while I see the elec. animation starting already. I play Blanka for a while now on pad but with stick I run into new troubles.

So how can I minimalyse the chance of grabbing out of electricity?


use hp elec, on skinnier characters the weaker versions whiff sometimes. You’ll just have to learn how to do it.

also do st.lp over crouching as it gives you more range.