Graduating to a fightstick



I finally shelled out for a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 on ebay the other day. Still waiting for it to arrive but excited as it will be the first fightstick I have ever used let alone owned.

I have heard that it takes a bit of practice to relearn the moves when going from a fightpad (I previously used a Madcatz SFIV fightpad) to a fightstick. Is there any advice for a newbie on how to get up to speed using a fightstick, is there a best way of learning how to use a fightstick?

Also, how would you rate the HRAP3, I looked around and this was cheaper than a Madcatz fightstick but I get conflicting reports on which is better.




Repeating motions til it’s down to muscle memory would be the best route I’d guess.

Can also check:


My advise? Just play a lot…I layed on 360 pad for about 2 months, then bought a stick, took me only about 2-3 days until everything was back to normal, then it just got better from there.

Play, dont get mad about things…that’s my best advise on the issue.


thanks, very helpful.

As for the shortcuts when using a fightstick, is there anything detrimental for learning these instead of the SRK motion? I keep hearing that people want to get rid of shortcuts but doesnt it make using a square gate fightstick easier?


It was very frustrating for me to play on stick so I destroyed it.


Shortcuts do make SRKs easier (SRK from crouch, df, d, df+p/k), however, majority of fighting games don’t have these so if you’re planning to use the stick with other fighters, you should avoid them.

As for doing SRKs on a square gate, just do a small C motion, starting with towards and then ending in the corner.


In all honesty I’d recommend using both. Shortcut motions are great for throwing out an SRK while crouching or cancelling out of a crouching attack. However, while most 2D fighting games use SRK motions, most do NOT have shortcuts for it. If you rely too heavily on shortcuts you may end up kicking yourself later when you try to pick up BlazBlue or KoF and find yourself having trouble performing an SRK accurately.


I’m sure it won’t be that pad since you were using a fightpad

now if you started on a keyboard …


I switched to a fightstick 3 months ago and can only use my main, boxer, on it. Like you said, just keep praticing.

I think there are two parts to using a stick, offense (i.e execution), and defense (i.e. movement).

For execution, you’re gonna hang out in training mode all day hit those moves: from normals to throws to specials to supers to ultras to bread-n-butter combos.

For movement, just play arcade mode against a variety of characters till you got it on lock, then go online and try against human characters.

That was my strategy (on SF4).


I got my Fightstick today as well. Haven’t used it yet and I’m kinda nervous, haha.

Haven’t used a stick in probably like 15 years. I owned a Capcom Power Stick on the SNES which I bought to play Street Fighter 2 Turbo with but I never got used to it and I got back to playing on a pad at the first opportunity. I’ve been on a pad ever since and I fear I will face the same situation again.

Hopefully that won’t be the case but I do have a lot of practice ahead of me.


I got an arcade stick over a year ago and honestly, I really feel at home playing SF on it. It’s the only way to play IMO. With that said, I have some cousins who don’t always play on an arcade stick and what really bugs me about the way they hold it is that instead of letting their hand rest on the pad, they hover over the stick, holding it with their fingertips. I guess it’s just something you might start doing but as you go on, you eventually stop, even on a subconscious level. IDK, but that’s just my two cents seeing people new to the arcade stick.


I started with a HRAP3, which was just fine. At first it seemed like the stick and buttons were too close together but I adjusted. I didn’t like the buttons really (they were a tad loose in their housing 29mm instead of 30mm) and felt smooshy. So I swapped in some 30mm Sanwa buttons and it was great. Then I got a killer deal on a MadCatz TE and it is outstanding. TE feels more compact and solid (after I used it the HRAP3 felt hollow and clunky to me), very responsive and it is very easy to mod/customize. Really is worth the extra $'s IMO.

So, in summation:

HRAP3-works good, you may end up not liking the buttons. If it is a steal probably worth it.

MadCatz TE- Excellent in every way (except for white buttons and ball top:arazz:), well worth the $ IMO

and do expect a big adjustment period; mine was probably about 5 days to be “competent” and still refining and trying to clean up execution every time I play.


HDR ST: Do 100 DP’s in either direction. Then do 100 DP 2 in 1’s.
SFA3: Do 100 3P supers (press 3 buttons at once isn’t as easy as you think…)
SFIV: Do Guile’s Ultra 100 times both directions. Then do his FA dash Ultra.
SFIV: Do Chun’s Head stomp 100 times (you’ll be surprised at how easy it easy to hit diagonals on a square gate)

Then just play as much as you can.


Yeah, I’m planning to do a week of nothing but execution in training mode starting tonight.

I think I’m gonna try all the normal trials too. I’m curious how I’ll do. On the 360 pad I can pretty much do them all on the first try. But on the fightstick…I fear I’m gonna be terrible.

I’m particularly worried about Sim’s IAT. I’m afraid that’s gonna take a bit of practicing. I invested a lot of time into mastering that and now I’ll probably have to relearn it.

Oh well. Hopefully I’ll be semi-competent by the time SSFIV comes out.


What I did when I bought my stick is I would put SF4 or HDR in training mode and I would have the stick on my lap and practice moves, combos and links over and over while I was doing something else like sitting at my PC or watching a movie.

I think this way it will become sub conscious like how using a pad is, because you’re not focusing on it 100% and it’s kind of in the back of your mind.

I still do this if theres a certain combo I want to learn and can’t get it down 100%.


I started using a stick back in January (Tekken 5 I got at EB a few years ago on clearance for $30). I had no plans on of using one ever, but I had trouble playing HDR with a pad so I went for the stick. I hated it at first, but I slowly got used to it. I was better with a stick by March or April than I had been with the pad. My point being: It differs from person to person. Stick with it (heh), and you will eventually learn to love your HRAP and won’t want to ever return to a pad ever again. It will probably be an uphill battle, but your game will improve because of it.


not every arcade stick is a “fightstick”.
stop it pleeeeeeeeeeease.


I’d say mix up the training mode execution with some matchs as well TBH so you can practice nailing the stuff under pressure when you really need to. (And also because it’s fun)


I’ve seen this process a hundred times and all I can tell you is:

A.) be mentally prepared to be worse for a while. this will soften your losses, of which you’ll have more than you are used to and…
B.) know, not think, that the effort is worth the end result. It is.

HRAP3 is nice. Also, write your name in sharpie on the back of the stick for when you go to tournaments.


I’ve seen this process a hundred times and all I can tell you is:

A.) be mentally prepared to be worse for a while. this will soften your losses, of which you’ll have more than you are used to and…
B.) know, not think, that the effort is worth the end result. It is.

HRAP3 is nice. Also, write your name in sharpie on the back of the stick for when you go to tournaments.