Graduation! June 10th 2PM

Whats up guys? I’m graduating from UW on Sunday, June 10th, at 2pm at the Hec-Ed Pavilion at UW. It’s right next to Husky Stadium and if you guys can make it, post up and let a negro know!


Get hype niggas! I’m finsta be there.

Congrats dude! I’m moving this weekend so I highly doubt I can make it to the ceremony.

What should my sign say?

I was also promised a noisemaker of some type.

I’ll be there right after I help a bunch of burlesque dancers run a car wash.

Yes, that is true. Yes, you can probably get in on this if you want.

Where the hell you movin to?

I’m tight for not walking

Im down.

oh shit con mother effin gratulation.

I know you wanna ride you a star, and it shows!

To Bothell, my rent has gone up about $400-500 since I moved to Archstone Redmond Hill two years ago. I’m paying less for a much bigger place where I’m moving now. I wish I could’ve bought but all my money is going towards the wedding right now…

Is it at all odd that I thought this was about a new Kanye album?

Anyways congrats Jason, if I lived closer I would go.

I can’t go, gotta work on Sunday from 2-6. I can do whatever afterwards if something’s going down.

Man fucking graduxation was wack. 4 hours of rain.