Grammar is a dying art

I don’t know what the hell is going on in the world where people seriously think that a q is the same as a g. What I mean is that lately, on Myspace and all across the internet, people have this deplorable habit of using letter that are NOT EVEN IN THE WORD!!! This nonsense pisses me off to no end. I’ll give you examples of what I’m talking about. And I won’t embarrass them and link to their profiles but these are ACTUAL posts from this other forum I visit.



And people need to stop using that same tired defense: Well…it’s the interwebz. I kan tawlk anywai eye w4nt 2.

Yeah that may be true but people will take you more seriously if you didn’t type like you are a retard with 3 fingers. It isn’t cute nor kyoot. It isn’t sexy nor is it sexii. It makes you look fucking stupid and I wish that trend would die.

Y |z U |-|87i|| $0||?

my mind isz soo mature its like i cant even hold a conversation with a girl my aqe…


stfu old man.

you’re not important enough for me to bust out spellcheck.

i have a hard time taking this thread seriously

funny how that works :stuck_out_tongue:

I Aqr33 Thiz Iz A Qrowing Pr0b Un Sitezzzz N0wadyz Lololol. If Ppl Wud Juss TiPe CoRrEctLy!!! Th1n Evry1 Cud T4k3 U M0r Sereeuz lololololol.

$$$=== ThUgG1n AlL D4y ErRyD4y DeUce$ GiT MuNnY ===$$$

As long as you don’t purposely misspell words and shit you’re fine. I can understand not using punctuation, capitilzation and everything.

Stuff like this is what I’m talking about.

If it’s comprehensible, there isn’t a grammar problem. There are other reasons why you’d want to keep writing standard though…as EvilRyuX astutely pointed out:

And what about verbal speech? I overheard a brother on the phone with somebody, and in a 15 minute convo in which he explained what happened on the way to, and at a barbecue at a friend’s house, there wasn’t 30 seconds that passed without him saying “knowwhahmsayin’” at least 1 time…almost every ebonics-speaking brother I’ve ever met has this problem. I’ve even noticed rap artists rhyming by using the same damn word again. Even BAD grammar is getting worse. Won’t be much longer until proper speech sounds like some speech George Bush wrote on the fly (full of made-up words), and our slang degenerates into the unintelligible chatter from “de islands”.

Word on the grape vine is that there’s a correlation with internet usage and sloppy handwriting.
Take that to the bank and smoke it!

Dis is sewious!

cause those are usually posts by people who arent intelligent
its simple as that

Just ignore those posts?

Nigga, grammar been dead.

The internet and cell phones ain’t start this shit.

Colloquialism started this shit.


well meny ppl r underage n they liek to think theyre cooler n uniquer then every1 else n da only way to show dat unqueness on da web is by da way they type but other then dat some ppl dun haf time to precisly check their spellin but they wanna expres their thoughts too so they haf to rush but srsly how long does it tak to put a capital when u start a sentence or a period after a sentence but i wont complain cuz every1 can do w/e they want its a free world there aint no specfic rules about how to write on da net n bsides not every person is educated well so its not bcuz they wanna act all cool n gangsta its cuz they rly dunno da words so u cant blame sum of them but neways i dun think u shud be hatin on all these ppl liek u r rite now every1s got a right to do w/e they want as long as theyre not brakin da law LOL n frankly u actin liek ur better then them by sayin wut u said so just chillax n ignore them posts if it pisses u off so much aite peace outi

I couldn’t give half a shit less about the death of PROPER grammar. Spelling is my biggest thing. Punctuation is also immensely more important than whether or not someone ends a fucking sentence on a proposition.

That said, as far as the death of something goes, the letter E went first.

^so is Apple single handedly killing the letter ‘I’?

And according to Firefox, I misspelled the word single handedly wrong.

Firefox spell checking sucks.

It irks me more hearing people say shit like “I didn’t said that”. Type online however you want, but don’t speak like an idiot.

I swear I’m hearing cavemen whenever teenagers speak nowadays.