Gran Turismo 5 Prologue SRK Racing Team

Yes, I know the game isn’t out yet, but let’s make a team anyway.

I like Nissan.


GT5p IS out :confused:

edit: out in japan but still :stuck_out_tongue:

i like nissan too

Good, cause that’s the only car I can drive decently in Prologue

I’m already in on this. Nissan ftw.

NISsan + MOtorsports = NISMO
HOnda + MOtorsports= HOMO

jk, but nissan does rule :smiley:

cant wait for this game :tup:











anyone know of a high quality steering wheel that would go nice with this?

The Logitech G25.

Screw you all, Deutschesuperauto ftw. XD

:rofl: Them Honda jokes are wack man. I love my Honda, but in the games I gotta go with Nissan between the two.


Since the game’s getting released next week I figured I’d bump this back to the first page.

Did anyone d/l it from the Japanese store? (GT5: Prologue not the demo)

If so how big is the file?

We get it a day earlier over here on PSN but my HDD is is almost full.

you can also buy it in game for 20 pounds

ill be on this as well people i do agree nissan + LG25 = win gonna be heel and toe drifting like a mofo!!!


Not too big then, but after doing a bit of research I think I’ll just pre-order a copy off play for 17.

Lol, yeah I’m going to be a hermit for a solid week just playing it.

One thing though; that G25 wheel is nice but fucking expensive.

Don’t think I want to pay that much for a peripheral.

yeah it’s really nice, I want one and I may shell out the loot when this game comes out. :sweat:

anyone get the game?

mmm its delicious

Yeah. I just got several cars tonight, so I’m down to race.

I have the game, but i’ll be tied up at work the whole week so I haven’t made much progress

Any Honda S2000 races , I just spent over 250G on that mug,
also I hate the lack of Hondas in GT5

Nissan wins this one

The Nissan Skyline is still,and always dope

but the GT-R 07 is tight

PSN on left yall

Nissan has always been the best. Ferrari gives it a run for the money, though.