Gran Turismo 5

I played all GT games except GT5, I want to buy a PS3 with a steering wheel just for this game and Tekken for the community. Is Gran Turismo 5 really as bad as people are saying and '‘Forza is better’'
Because I really liked grinding and getting licenses and stuff…

I just recently got a ps3 and had been wanting gt5 since before prologue, so i just now picked up prologue and really couldn’t get into it like gt4. But when i played forza it was definately a big difference in terms of graphics. I also think the level of realism is higher in forza this time around, especially the sound effects are pretty awesome. I also really like how well forza did the interior views of the cars, much better than gt5 i’d say. I’m still interested in checking out the weather effects in gt as prologue didn’t have them. But maybe the full game got a lot better than prologue, i sure hope so. So even though I’ve been a gt fan since gt2, I think for this generation I’m gonna have to go with forza, sorry man.

Naw they did alot of improvements to GT5 and made it way better now.I have them both and say its about a tie.You got love gt5 cause its what we grew up playing and plays as close to real life while forza is just real fun and the sound of the cars is a better at times.I use a fanatec wheel with the club sport pedals.If u ever need any help with cars I can send u some my PSN: achilles26 and its the same on XBOX