Granblue Fantasy Versus Lounge - S2 Incoming 23rd September 2020 aka Derank City

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have PS Plus), GBVS is the next fighting game from Arc System Works and is set to come out on February 6th, 2020 in Japan. For NA, XSeed and Marvelous are handling translation/publishing duties. For JP, it’s being self-published by ASW and Cygames. US release is when Half-Life 3 comes out (aka XSeed isn’t saying SHIT about it)

Japanese Site:

North American Site:

Summary of Season One

Character Trailers So Far (up to Metera):

Dojo Link (thanks to @Volt for coming through and posting this):

Season 2 Trailers:


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edit: op got it


Can’t wait!

Fastiva has a cutter. Consider this game bought

I intend to stab people until they die of boredom with Katalina. She looks to be exactly the type of character I like.

Stealing Lowain trailer posted in SFV Gen:

Very funny character. Love the robo Katalina.

I have no idea who I want to play in this game but I’m looking forward to figuring it out. Had a good time playing basic shit with Gran so that is a start.

Lowain looks like the sort of character that’ll either be super good or really bad.

I think a larget part of this comes down to how can he generate knockdowns, and how much frame advantage does he have on them?

I agree though, it’s hard for a character like this to only be mid, especially on initial balancing.

Mid-air combos with Zeta :triumph:

Lowain straight looks fun.

Hopefully HawaiinShirtMan plays him for full party hype.

Zeta vs Lowain footage.
Apparently HPA lasts until he lands a hit or gets hit?

GBVS doesn’t have an NA release date yet, does it?

February 6th.

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That day is gonna be crazy. Gotta start saving pennies now.

Oh really? Thanks! I thought that was only the Japan release date.

I presume it’s being released in multiple regions simultaneously.

opening post has been redone and has all of the character gameplay trailers up to Metera.

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Metera’s butterfly stuff probably gives her a weirdly high skill ceiling. Kinda interesting that her and Ferry seem to both be really high on the complexity list when they are nominally zoners.

this character is neat

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