Grand Chase

Has anyone played this? It says it’s a free real-time online fighting game that enables up to 6 players. With cutesy anime art.

I didn’t like this game at all, but I didn’t really play it much past the tutorial.

they need a better artist for the comic guide

PVE is fun but the pvp is unplayable if the connection is bad. Id be grabbing them from very far away…or getting hit for no reasons. They need to lets us see the connection of others before starting the match.Other than that, its fun.

Is it just me (don’t neg me), or is the “Grand Chase” logo (intentionally or unintentionally?) really similar to the Red Earth/Warzard logo???

The reason I found out about this game was an ad on SRK. I thought “Seems stupid” from seeing the ad. I looked at the website. Seemed alright. I downloaded it. I started playing, and it was surprisingly fighteresque. But it seemed to lack depth. It tried to be a combo game, but the combo system allowed no real creativity. The enemies had too much health, so it didn’t even play like a proper action platformer. I dunno. Maybe you get more interesting moves at higher levels. I played as the fighter, and found the others to be even more limited. I did like the art style, though.

In short, it had a good concept, but it was executed poorly. It’s fun, especially if you’re not serious about fighters. I would hope for a major overhaul, but that’s unlikely. In addition, they would need VERY good netcode for me to play PvP for anything more than a few minutes.

Game was weird, had 1button infinites and some sort of bizarre jump cancel platform dropping rapid fire move.

Not to mention I couldn’t get into andy actual battels and was stuck to only playing training mode. Got uninstalled real fast.