Grand Final MvC3: Justin Wong vs. Tokido at CEO 2011 video

here is the video of the grand finals of tokido vs justin wong incase you missed it.
alot of talk of dark phoenix from yipes. :smiley:

Best game out


yh its a good game been playing it for 2 days now and im using wesker/akuma/phoenix :smiley:

damn…yipes was truly angry at phoenix.

yeah, he was. thing was, tokido’s play style is more reckless and hardly we saw him abuse LVL3 XFACTOR DP. it was more his lvl1 xfactor wolvie setting everything up.

plus, tokido seem to have his DP combo down. even though he starts off mashing crouching low. hahaha.

“10 more years?”… god I hope not. I really wanna see that anti-phx/logan tech get done, not have next year’s evo saturated with phoenix teams.

Tokido: Best Marvel player in the World, unless of course Daigo is better. :smiley:

i don’t agree with yipes’ view of that being a reason for a patch on phoenix. Tokido’s wolvie was the one that delivered in my opinion.

He was obviously just salty and saying some nonsense. He was REALLY salty.

yeah justin dropped wayyyy too many combos, especially for a grand finals

Now the US doesn’t have it’s elite game no more.

Yellow card those dropped combos!

Spooky gonna fuck somebody up for this.

If this game had strider clockwOrk would have shitted on tokido.

Better yet, here’s the entire stream courtesy of Streammonster (my new favourite person). Gonna take me a while to watch all the fun and see what all the fuss is about.

Not even at the same tourney

Justin played great against phoenix, and that still was not enough. One of the best anti phoenix games I ever seen. But still not enough lol. We can’t control it!

was a great match none the less

lol justin dropped so many wolvie combos, ehh I don’t think Tokido is the best in the world yet he won one major while justin has been beating everyone up in marvel. This does make evo more hype though because right now it looks like the Japanese really have been working on their marvel game.