Grand Opening of my New Website

After about a 1-year haitus of not updating I have finally took it upon myself to rebuild and update my website. Please take a little time to check it out :slight_smile: If you haven’t been to my site before, there’s a lot of stuff to look through, and even if you have been to my old website, there’s tons of new content. :slight_smile:

The design isn’t jaw dropping or anything, but that’s not the point. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not really a web designer :slight_smile: Any comments and criticisms are welcome and appreciated though.

Oh, if anyone comes across any dead links, bugs, or oddities, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

Hey this version is looking very good. I remeber the old one being white and black? Anyways great work and easier to navigate this time around.

Oh and I happen to rock a mullet. I am very offended by your mulletation pics.:lol:

I dig the site design, ron. Simple an effective.

Were you the guy that worked for nintendo? or was that someone else. I can’t remember.

EDIT: N/M that was Rushmore.

Peter, when are you gonna get the stick from me.

Shit Chain, I didn’t know you where so… versitile

I wish I could scuplt. Well I do have one that I might post if I can get a pic of it. Your site is nice and suttle. Nothing distracting which is good. I really like your life drawing. I remeber most of the sequeintials that you have post in the past. Looks like I need to jump on the web-site bandwagon.

i remember this site:D wow u put so much more stuff on it, i like ur life drawing pic the gesture sketches are great and the rendered ones too

cool stuff

somehow I can’t view it. maybe too much traffic, I’ll try it again later.

Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you guys like the simple desgin. I tried to design the site to be fast loading and extremely easy to navigate.

SFMC: The mulletations are to…uh…celebrate the mullet, not put it to shame. :smiley: Letting everyone know that you can’t jsut “wear” or “have” a mullet, you gotta rock the mullet ^_~

aerialgroove: Dunno why it didn’t work for you. Hopefully it will when you try again.

Gah, I posted on this and it disappeared! :eek: Must have faded when the board closed. Anyways, like the new look, chainWHORE. Nice and simple. Keep on drawin’. :slight_smile: