Free tournaments and prizes through out the day!
Sign up for a new Month membership on April 17th will receive a bonus month free!

No more hourly rates or casual gaming (NO MORE ROCK BAND!) only training, meeting and competing!

Time for Canada to take it’s place on the world stage of Street Fighter!

slick poster

GET HYPE. Won’t be able to show up till later due to work but it’s all good. I’ll be there.

The monthly membership thing is a great idea, I just hope we’ll be able to make proper use of it. This first time with the free month most definitely, though.

I’m in RXS’ boat, won’t be able to get there until closer to 3, but this is pretty hype all around.

so why does this get its own thread but getty does not?

what is the new monthly rate? no casuals?

It’s akin to a tournament thread and will be closed at the end of 04/17.

Are SF IV casuals still on Friday or are they canceled this week?

Mongoose, up for a 10 dorrah not-bottom-of-the-barrel MM?

Anyone want to update with new monthly rates?

Yeah, I would like details on the pricing structure as well please.

I believe its 30 ( or 35 for a month) and 10 ( or 15) for a week? I could be wrong.

IF you buy a monthly pass saturday your getting another month free.

If your account had time on it prior to the rebirth, you get some special stipulations on your new monthly/weekly memberships ((((example : % off price.)))

not sure where i read this stuff. but im pretty sure its 90% accurate

we’ll see how much money i have after paying for the 2 months of pownz coz i gotta go see kick ass after.

i’ll do 5 dorrah. ft3?

and i think i’m actually gonna be on time for this. hopefully i’ll be awake


oh shit. Worst money match of the century! If zach picks fuerte i’ll put 5 dollah on zach… if zach doesnt’ pick fuerte… m0ng00se for FREAAAYY

I’ll take that bet.

I like these rates if they’re accurate.

can we get confirmation from Lorenzo, Chris or Vince; considering these go into effect tomorrow?

Hey Guys,

I will be running a 0 entry CVS2 tournament at POWNZ tomorrow.

Registration begins at 6pm. Tournament starts at 7pm.


P.S. If anyone can bring an other PS2 and sticks that would be great!

Are you seriously not releasing the fee structure until the day of opening? Hamilton is quite a trip for some of us, and we would like to know before we make it down there…

Well today’s free either way, that much is for sure.

So what time are people generally getting there? We’re debating whether to go earlier or stay later.