Grand Rapids, Michigan Video Game store looking for players!

I am the manager of a brand new video games store called Gamer Doc located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are looking to start hosting Street Fighter IV tournaments as well as making ourselves a gathering place for the Street Fighter Community. I would love someones help in setting this up as well as getting all you guys in here! I have a huge back room with 8 32" LCD screens as well at 7 more up front and a 120" high def projector. We have the perfect spot for doing a huge tournament and I would even like to make it a weekly get together! We do everything here from sales to repairs to tournaments. Let me know if you’re interested in helping or stop by the store. I am brand new to this site but hope to become a long time member! You can check us out on facebook at Thanks guys! I really appreciate any help.

You will want to contact Chauncy Talon. He’s the most well known, and does a lot of the organization on the west side of the state.

We talked before. I’m always willing to do more business with other people