Grandia Creator Takeshi Miyaji dies at age 45

I haven’t played many Grandia games I’m sad to say.


Maaaaan, that sucks. RIP dude. I am going to pop in my copy of Grandia II into the Dreamcast.

RIP :frowning:
Grandia is one of my favorite RPG series.

This shit makes me hella sad. I played the hell out of Grandia 2 and it’s always been one of my all time favourites ever since i first played it. Makes me want to fire the Dreamcast and game up again in memories of him now. RIP :frowning:


RIP, Miyaji. RIP. Gone way to soon.

:sad: RIP. Grandia was apart of my youth, this is really unfortunate news.

I am saddened by this news, because Grandia is a fine series. The combat system is one of the best around. I’m hoping the series will live on without its creator, and that they’ll do it justice.

Oh man, this kinda hit home.

I wanted to check out project sylpheed as well. Too bad I don’t have a 360.

RIP man.

Grandia 2, although was easy, still is 1 of my favorite RPGs till this day. The soundtrack and battle system made me enjoy it so much more.

RIP. Loved playing Grandia 1 and 2.

Damn…RIP. Grandia 2 was an excellent RPG and one of my all time favorites.

That’s what you get for making great games you bastard. :shake:

How is it that he dies and we keep getting DoAs? So unfair.

This is pretty sad news, considering how great the Grandia series has been over the years.

Damn, I like Grandia 1 and Grandia 2.
Have Grandia 3 but never had the time to start. Maybe I can make the time now.

So, so sad.

The Grandia games, especially the first, had a big sense of adventure and child-like exuberance; something that many games attempt but rarely hit the mark. Game Arts is a great studio that’s made some fine games, but it’s also really small so I’m sure they’re taking this news hard. It’s always a shame when truly great designers go, especially since this one was way too soon.

Grandia 2 was addictive, the greats always die young, rest in peace.