GrandpaLoafers' Friendship Thread: SFxT edition


Hey everyone! I just started playing SFxT a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I’ve been a member of TestYourMight (an MK forum) and have had a lot of fun making new friends there. I’d like to make some new friends here, so I thought I’d make a thread where I introduce myself, and I can update this thread with my SFxT progress. I’m posting here and not in the general SRK forum because I’m specifically interested in talking to and making friends with the hardcore SFxT players!

And here’s an introduction:

I live in Chicago, IL (originally from Virginia Beach) - I’m a musician, i’m gay, i’m a vegetarian, and I’ve never drank alcohol or done drugs in my life. That being said, I don’t negatively judge anyone who is different than me. I think it is all about making healthy individual choices, and what’s right for me may not be right for you. So right there - a lot of those things make me feel really weird/different and sometimes I have difficulty relating to others. I am a pretty awesome guy though! I have a lot of great friends - I will say that I am very lucky. Sometimes I don’t know exactly how to reach out or ask for help when I need it, but that’s a common problem. I have also struggled with suicidal thinking and depression. Good news: I’m working on it. That’s what this thread is about for me - just to share a little by little and get myself out there more. If anyone out there ever wants to talk about any related issues, feel free to message me - I’m always happy to listen.

I’ve been a video game fanatic most all of my life. My buddy and I were really hardcore about Street Fighter II when we were younger. We both had asthma, so it was a great way for us to play and have fun and not risk an attack. Street Fighter II Turbo was my favorite and I was a little less excited when Super Street Fighter II came out. I didn’t play 3, but went crazy when I discovered Capcom Vs. SNK 2.

I took a big break from fighting games, and then last year, another video game friend called me up and said “The fighting game championships are happening this weekend! Watch them online with me!!” I had no idea about EVO and was really impressed with the skill level. These pros made my best games look like kindergarten stuff. I finally got an Xbox 360, got a copy of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, and then Mortal Kombat (2011). I joined TestYourMight, made some new friends, invested in an arcade stick, and had tons of fun playing fighting games again.

After a while, I wanted to expand my fighting game palette. I saw the SFIV games and became a huge fan of Daigo. I was thinking about getting SFIV, and then realized that I really love the Tekken characters - I last played them in Tekken 2 and 3. So I played SFxT and thought it was really fun, innovative and exciting. I liked how it felt like SF, but took the game to a new level, with tagging, gems, Tekken characters, etc. I’ve been watching a lot of the CrossCounter game/instructional videos and love getting absorbed in this stuff.

So here I am! I’ve been asking tons of newbie questions and bumping old threads because frankly, I’m just late to the game. I know a lot of this stuff is old hat for some people on here, and I know some people hate the game or have totally moved on, but it’s awesome to me and I think this will be a game I’ll be playing and loving for a really long time.

Favorite fighting games:
-Killer Instinct
-Street Fighter II Turbo
-Capcom Vs. SNK 2
-Mortal Kombat 1 & 2
-Mortal Kombat (2011)
-Tekken 2

Random assortment of favorite non-fighting games:
-Braid (Really excited for ‘The Witness’ coming later this year)
-Killer 7
-Intelligent Qube
-Skate 3
-Silent Hill 1,2,3
-Super Mario World
-Magic 2013

I’ll be posting to this thread with my SFxT progress and things like that. Right now my favorites are Bob, Abel, Kazuya, and Rolento. Thanks for reading!


Hey man, do you have only Xbox or do you have a PS3 as well? I’d like to play you in SFxT if you do.


Intelligent Qube liking is an auto-win for me.


I appreciate the fact that you actually did a formal presentation of yourself. I gotta respect that. Welcome to the world of SFxT. One thing I gotta tell you is that you came during some shaky times to the game’s scene. :frowning: SFxT is not the popular kid on the FGC. Even with the update. However, SFxT dedicated players can do their best to keep it alive and that’s where people like you and me come in.

If you have Xbox we can play. I’ll PM you my gamertag :slight_smile:


Welcome to the SFxT forums, but sadly I can’t be friends with xbox people… no. serious. PSN wont let me. Damn you non-existent cross-console support T.T

That said, come join the irc chat room! (Yes I’m blatently advertising in your thread, I am a terrible person!) I can guarantee you’ll learn more there in a day than you will combing the youtubes and there’s several knowledgable people there on xbl you can spar against on request. Plus we have cake. …or at least Koji does, and you’ll have to fight him for it. >.>


Welcome to our humble little Cult of the Cross! As Darkphyre said, come on in to the efnet chat #SFxT as that’s where most of us hang out, moreso than SRK nowadays. Most of the stuff you read about for this game involving new tech and top players come from the cast of the efnet chat, so definitely join in. Just be warned: there are some real killers and you’ll develop an unhealthy addiction to avenge any losses you might accumulate (as I have) until you finally develop enough senses to run even on them and become one of the killers.

Trust me: fighting us is like training with 100x Gravity. It’ll hurt like hell at first, but once you return to reality and enter a local tournament, you’ll be destroying strangers left and right.


god damn, am i gonna have to make the switch to xbox. Welcome to the boards.


If you’ve got PSN, there’s Will08, OZLeon, Darkphyre, RMB, Koji, Yung_Ice (AKA Big Boss) and myself all regularly taking matches.


I’m a newbie at this game. Feel free to add me too on PSN.


I love it. I’ll be starting my Xbox live subscription soon!

Yeah, it’s a shame that SFxT has gotten bad press and has a lot of haters. It’d be nice if I was into something that was “cool” but oh well, that’s life (especially for me, har har) :sunglasses:


So far I’ve beaten the game with:

Julia/Bob (adorable ending!)
Bryan/Jack-X (just got the extra characters, they rock!)

I started playing at default Medium Hard difficulty (maybe the last 3 were on that) and it somehow felt easier than Medium.


Same here. Well except for alcohol, I drink it from time to time, but only one glass. :3
I’m also kinda new to SFxT (played vanilla for some weeks but then stopped), now I’m getting back into it with version 2013.

After playing lots of Injustice, it’s awesome to see how good the netcode of SFxT is in comparison.

Anyways welcome. :slight_smile:


props. as a newbie to fighters (just started about a year ago) its good to see others join and get serious. If you want any games you can check my sig for my xbl name


whoa, this thread is listed in “best of”





Welcome to the world of SFxT.


Thanks guys. I just got SFxT for Vita in the mail today, so I can’t wait to try out Cole, Mega Man, and Pac-man after work!

Spent some time yesterday in the #SFxT IRC [thanks Darkphyre!] and watched the ECT finals. That was fun. Too bad I don’t know anyone who lives near me who wants to play but I guess that’s what these forums and online play are for! I’ll have to get a crew going using the meetup threads.


What is the irc? I’m always looking to learn new things. Welcome, im on xbl always down for getting new people to play with.

Gt LordFlopyRoostr


IRC is basically one big group messenger service. People can gather in channels for group discussion or private message others in the same server for personal messages. You will need an IRC client to connect to an IRC server and channel. The server #SFxT is hosted on is EFnet.

There is a web-based client for ease of use if you don’t feel like downloading regular ones here:

Go to Webchat Login on the left and type in the name you want users to see you as in Nickname and type in #SFxT in Channel.

To change nicknames if you already entered the chat, type "/nick examplename"
To join a new channel, type "/j #channelname"
To privately message a user, type “/msg usernameyouwanttomessage”


Ahh ok. I think I used that once to enter an online tournament