Granny gets hit by a car and walks it off like a BOSS

video about to go viral


I dont ever believe stuff like that to be “real”, why the fuck was there a camera recording?

That is one crack-resistant windshield.

…and she died 10 minutes later.

But yea, fake.

death was busy with peter griffin for 10 mins


first off… people have been dying in tucson left and right over that dumb shyt
fucking idiots don’t wanna use the cross walk and are dying 100ft in front of them. (its really dark between stoplights, main intersection)

happy shes a live ofcorse but that dude hit the breaks from a a distance.

That didn’t even cracker ass.

People in corrupt cities have been using dash board cameras to prevent bogus charges. In this case, it will save his ass.

Yep exactly, insurance

If you want to see what Russian drivers are like here is a good example


Damn, russians can’t drive for shit. I’m gonna assume the intersection collisions are from running red lights (if they even HAVE those there). They seem to have attention problems…although it appears the driver at 5:52 was just fleeing for his life from Iori Yagami…

Those Russians clearly were not drunk enough. Perhaps with the assistance of road-side vodka stations, such crashes could be avoided. :tup:

those fake sound effects are cracking me up.

also i like how in most of those videos, the crasher isn’t taking anybody’s lead. “oh! the whole left lane is slowing down from some reason? heh, not me-” crash

I bet the hate for that awful music kept her alive.

This is alot funner…


These right here.