Graphic Design/Web Design Discussion Thread

I’ve been thinkin’ about making a thread about this and since most people in this forum complain about content of IMM in regards to what is art then I wanted to have this thread open to those who are:
[list][]currently in school working on there degree
]Just graduated and looking for a job/freelance work
[*]or currently working for an agency or is their own boss[/list]

this thread would be used for those with questions, advice, or just discuss what they currently know based off of their experiences.

I am right now a freshman at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online and my major is Graphic Design, and if everything goes well I mite find the time to squeeze in an Illustration major so I could possibly work on character designs for future games (hopefully fighting games). After taking a few classes, I might change my major to Web Designer, or whatever is easyer which none really are lol. What I do understand is (which I’m basing off of my demographic outlook concerning employment in Omaha) that Web Designers are in major demand compared to GDers. Not saying that GDers are not paid well. The avergae that I’ve come across to those just getting in to this is getting roughly between $25k to $35k. The big problem I’m getting is there’s a lack of jobs that are willing to take in the guys with low/average experience and are not offering any internship. which sux. A lot of the jobs that I do come across sound a lot like this:

" Cornerstone Staffing - Omaha, NE
Position Duties & Responsibilities: Design collateral material including direct mail pieces, advertisements, brochures, news releases, case studies, and newsletters. Work with the marketing team to concept marketing campaigns to support Cassling’s strategic initiatives. Manage corporate Web site, including animation, updates, and editing. Perform other duties as assigned. Education, Experience, & Skills College degree required in journalism, graphic design, or related field. Minimum of five years experience in graphic design. Experience in Quark, InDesign,Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and related graphic programs. Required to work independently, handling mulitple responsibilites and projects simultaneously."

Now, I have personal experience with PS, IR, and IL. The only thing is Quark, Flash, DW, and possibly InDesign. I was wondering if there’s other members out there already in the field(s) and what advice could you offer a “GD newbie” like myself?

I’m currently taking Game Design courses, but due to a lack of teachers for this field, I’ve been placed into learning AutoCAD and programs revolving around Construction Management. However, recently one of the Gaming teachers came back so now I’m starting to get classes that will teach me stuff necessary in what I’m going for. It’s a mixed bag of stuff that I’m learning. More recently I’ve been learning Adobe Illustrator and vectoring, but also programs like Autodesk VIZ and 3D Studio Max [which, as far as I can tell are the same thing except VIZ has more toolbars open at start-up. I’m sure I’ll learn more about the differences/similarities later on this quarter].

Programs I have access to and would like to learn more about are Illustrator and Flash. Flash in particular as I know nothing about it. It’d be nice to make a short animated toon as a starting project.

Stuff I kinda know about [i.e. 4 quarters worth of understanding]:

-Autodesk Inventor

If anyone should happen to have a question on those. :confused:

I’m majoring in Computer Graphics. I’ll be graduating soon & I have no idea what to do after I graduate. I’m more likely going to have to move from my hometown (Yuma, AZ) as theres nothing here for me in this field. I’d like to go to San Diego or Phoenix, but I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I’d like to get into video game design too…

I have experience with PS7 to CS3, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamwearver, Cinema 4D, InDesign & Adobe Premiere & can use both a Mac & PC

I’m a Graphic design major as well. I did some PS, Illustrator and InDesign last year. It was fun. I’ll probably do some typography in the fall.

I’m a newbie too though.

I’m a web developer but i also have to do some web design as well…
these are some sites i’ve made:

I am currently redesigning the second one.
Any tips from you graphical people? That big grey space is going to be filled with some sort of flash object.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer/Creative Director for around 13 or so years. Any questions you’d have feel free to ask.

I’m a web developer. If you want to get into Web Design, learn css. It’s easy, powerful, and lets you do a lot more than just make banners and shit. I think most people prefer not to have cumbersome flash websites either.

Let’s not forget those oh-so-wonderful splash pages with flash intros.

Do you guys have any sites that you use as resources?

For example, I use to stea… get inspiration for a color scheme.

And this is just a damn dandy blog

For stock pictures I go to

Post up if you do. More resources is always good.

Flash intros? I know of sites that have a very ornate “skip” button, but I’ve never watched any intros :wgrin:

Like I said, I’m a dev, but if you do use css, its a good reference.

Even a couple second animation gets kind of obnoxious after a while, I like to get straight to the point and use the site as soon as it loads.

Thanks, I mainly work with php/mysql/js so this is pretty cool.

I’m actually trying to learn php. Could you recommend a good resource to learn it with a focus on online store applications?

And yeah, I like pragmatic websites. Animations and stuff just slow down the experience.

Can’t say that I can. I learned by getting a starters book and then googling anything I needed that wasn’t in the book.

Just did a quick search and came up with this.
Which is kind of useful because I am also going to be building an online store for a friend. Most of the php I do is just data storage and manipulation for online apps though.

Do you have any MySQL experience?

I’ll check it out. I always like to hear what people have to recommend cause tutorials and books can be hit and miss. I’ve read a bit too many books where authors just ramble about their personal experiences.

Great Thread Shatterstar! Thanks for those links tsukihimeblood really useful.

I’m freelancing web and graphics, I got my degree in Architecture but decided to be self employed.


In all honesty, freelancing sucks! I enjoy using photoshop or 3Dmax and seeing my sites rank number 1 in google, but it all that eats up so much of my time that I don’t have time to do the things I really want to do. Especially at the begining when you really want to do all you can to please your clients and build your porfolio. So if it can be helped I would rather not be spending 9 to 12hrs a day infront of a computer screen working.

In the last few weeks I’ve discovered the wonders of outsourcing.

Its far cheaper outsourcing a project for $50 for some logo or a template to some guy in India, who spends HIS TIME doing it, freeing you up to attract more clients to your service or getting out. I’ve built up a nice mutual agreement with one guy, I send him work and he produces work to a certain standard. I then you can go back to your original client do a couple of tweaks if the customer asks and charge $$$$ for the finished product.

The way it works is that your post up a project outline, freelances post bids for your business. So they are competiting amoungst themselves to work for you. You can go for the cheapest or try and find a balance between quality and value for money. If they do a great job don’t forget to give them a bonus.

So now I have a couple of personal projects to finish, but once those are done I’m planning to start up a consulting firm that will help business’ get up and running online.

i was thinking about doing this but i dont have the love or the drive for it anymore and im not gunna go to collage so i wont be doing this for a career as i was planning on doing :tup:

Good topic.

Pick up a copy of php/mysql for dummies. It’s pretty straightforward and it one of its in-depth examples is a website for a pet store with a shopping cart [i think?] and a catalog you can browse through.

Here are some mockups I made up a few months ago, any c&c would be appreciated.

lovin the responses.

I did come across this site that has you sign up, take test on a few or all of the programs that are required for a GDer/WDer and then gives you a score which bases how much your paid and eligability at taking certain jobs from people who post what they want done then have you work the job to get a payment via paypal. Im curious about this place but Im concerned that it could be a scam:

as for some webdesigns Ive come across that look intresting I found these from my home town of Omaha:

Good luck man:wink:

thank you :wgrin:

I’ve always found

to be invaluable, from a technical standpoint.